Daily Reading #2FE

This is alarming. Otoh, by this time we have seen Trump allow this kind of progress to the last second, then everything turns around .  Except that one time it didn’t, and we did send cruise missiles. We citizens can’t affect this at all, in itself evidence we need to end this government :


Thinking in the night about organizations of society, the major advantage that our current formulation of capitalism has over any form of socialism, including the version we are now living under, is that people have the strong incentive to improve everything in their lives in ‘free’ societies that is very missing in socialist systems. America’s current malaise, the declining middle class, the rising poverty everywhere, is the result of our socialist system over the last 100 years. We did that to ourselves, then added the corruption we now have, also a standard late in the lives of centralized systems.

Make no mistake, we live within a system at either the beginning of terminal decline or overcoming our diversity to achieve a stunning new level of civilization. This could easily go either way. We have within our midst a serious corruption that must be extirpated if we are to live as a continuing civilization.  The serious left has been more corrupted, because more corruptible, in this long process. They are now the face of the Deep Black Swamp, increasingly using raw propaganda to maintain their declining power.

Nevertheless, they are slowly losing :



I rarely side with Bezos, but this is different :



Jake Morphonios is good, a high level view of the geopolitics. Negative sum games with high explosives. We allow insane goverment :

People associated with exposing pedophiles end up dead a lot :

And if we get past this disease in our national system, tolerated by society, we can begin making the changes in our thinking and institutions necessary to persist as a truly free society constrained only by the bounds of the external world and people’s shared humanity.

I do not think that is unreasonably optimistic,  I think it is what we should expect of ourselves. If we do, we will get it. It requires building societies, quickly. Do you belong to mutual-help organizations? Have you prepared for hard times? Are you resilient, can you raise vegetables, rabbits, can corn, or do useful work for those who do? Skills, skills, …

Meanwhile, the evidence that Israel is bad for Jews and the rest of humanity accumulates :


Now the Pentagon acknowledges they will never win, assumes that ‘forever’ is not losing. My poor country :


George Webb continues to amaze :

The systematic mis-use of language is a characteristic of a centrally-planned society :


Interesting comment on an article critiquing the Constitution and Constitutional Conservatives :


We, the people, were supposed to protect and enforce the constitution, as was every officer and official elected or appointed to federal service.

We didn’t. We failed in our duty to do so and, therefore, to OURSELVES… We failed the constitution. As a piece of paper, it was good only for codifying an ideal. It is nonsense to accuse the parchment of failure to do anything.

The ideal, clearly expressed by many of the founders, was that such a formula was fit only for a moral (and homogeneous) people. Where and when were those, in all of history? Evil works its will best against honest men of good will, who cannot recognize it until the rot becomes a stench.

All man made political solutions and systems are doomed to fail as they proceed out of the limited intellect and flawed character of men. Human nature is the problem and it will ever be so.

Horiba has great ads, a Youtube channel, very fine PR, real information as well as image and sales. And you get the idea they don’t need to shade things, honest product, honest evaluations from customers :

Why would China be less successful than the US has been at this game of domination via loans? :


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