Daily Reading #29B

Wikipedia is wrong on drug information about 90% of the time? Wikipedia is an astroturfer’s dream :

Penn is a solid thinker. If any immigrants are to be allowed in the country, we must embrace them, otherwise we cause ourselves problems :

Hagman and Dark Journalist. Both investigators, not just talk shows, DJ is a serious researcher, relatively deep history and connections. Trump knew Nixon well? Learned his politics and how power politics works in the US at the feet of Roy Cohen and Tricky Dick? Nixon and others tried to get Trump to run for President? Wow! And none of the investigative journalists have discovered that until now? Wow! DJ discusses the CIA-alien visitor issues informatively, excellent thinking. I have to try DJ’s X series of videos.

The Hagman’s have a lot of intelligent guests, which makes it easier to put up with their Biblical prophesy approach to interpreting the news :

George Webb goes more into depth about the people behind the spying on Trump’s campaign and their efforts to unseat Trump and preserve the Deep Black Swamp :

Jake Morphonios discusses the Deep State, Part 1 of 3. Not at all ‘conspiracy theory’, rather solid facts of history. We citizens of the USofA are being encased in a surveillance :

Excellent history illustrating the experimental societies that lead to the US Constitution. Williams must have learned some of this from the Indians, who were much less restricted within Indian society than English were in theirs :


It is about time we ended all this nonsense of fines and licenses and jail for debtors :


There are many serious people looking at the documents in great detail :

Edward Abbey, a serious anarchist. It is not an accident that Stoicism and anarchism are becoming more popular, nor reading all of the philosophers who deal with the sometime need for violence to change the fundamentals of a society. WRSA provides a continuing stream of such articles :




Charles Hugh Smith shows that living costs are rising much faster than official inflation :


In case you wondered, lions are really strong :

The disconnect between young citizens and geriatric rulers is everywhere :

I like the old technologies, evidence of how much history has gone before us :

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