Daily Reading #29C

First rule of law, then Constitutional reform so this doesn’t happen again. This link was on Naked Capitalism, another example of political realignment happening as we rethink our society, having finally given up on the failures :


The automated ubiquitous surveillance apparatus is less than a decade from completion. Already, every electronic device with a processor (all the interesting ones) are access points for the NSA and other agencies to track every detail of our lives :

https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/technology/how-spies-can-use-your-cellphone-to-find-you–and-eavesdrop-on-your-calls-and-texts-too/2018/05/30/246bb794-5ec2-11e8-a4a4-c070ef53f315_story.html :


Freedom can’t protect itself, it needs us to do it :


Susan Rice is worth $50M at the end of a DC career that never earned her more than $175K / year. George Webb is on the case :

Trey Gowdy has been compromised, I think, because he was always a clear thinker previously. This has full context on the FBI’s spying on the Trump campaign :


Social usefulness vs salaries. Some good data and thoughts to consider, no prescriptions wrt how to improve the situation. Also, I disagree about the usefulness of teachers, for example, think public school systems are a major reason for the social disaster now under way :


Explaining to various richer-than-me relatives why they should divest themselves of all financial instruments dependent upon the existence and integrity of any third party is a bad strategy in the USofA in the year of our Lord 2018 is not easy, I can’t understand why I can’t get through to any of them. I look at the politico-economic-social situation in our country and I see nothing but disaster. Guys, they are lying about the jobless rate and the GDP and manipulating every market for the rich’s benefit. Our banks are very likely to go bankrupt in the next financial panic. Last time, that took $16T to paper over. Banks are bigger, more consolidated, and riskier, assuming they will be bailed out again.

The Fed has been papering over problems in the system for a long time.

Greg Hunter says it all better than I could, it is going to blow, and soon :

The only difference between that political view and the one of a socialist is that a socialist would have used ‘Capital’s benefit”, where I said ‘rich’s benefit”. We wonder why the growth of socialism? I am certainly no socialist, socialists are the ultimate centralizers, thus the ultimate thieves of humanity from their citizen-serfs. If we wish to flourish as individuals and as a species, we need to push responsibility for every community entirely onto the community. That will unleash our ability to socially evolve, which includes science and economy.

Socialist societies do worse than this modern crony-capitalism + mega-government and 2 entirely-controlled-party system of government, but this modern national central government attempt at maximizing the rate of growth of our civilization HAS NOT WORKED! It is more a case of ‘name something that does work’. Even things like medicine, daily miracles of every sort, is increasingly expensive and lucrative to people in the higher reaches of medicine, including administrators. Education, social work, medicine, administration of everything, basically everything the government touches is high priced and prices and executive salaries increase faster than wages, even solidly middle-class wages.

I see big improvement in people, we are indeed a more tolerant and sophisticated people, socially and politically, than we ever have been. Vastly more knowledgeable, the information flow through the average human’s mind is orders of magnitude higher than in any previous civilization. We all know there are more ways to live and think than the small and brief-in-historical-time social group we inhabit, and it doesn’t take much thought to see the many ways we have changed our thinking from someone just 100 years ago, even someone from that time in our home town, our own social group in our home town. We individuals have more context in our minds than ever in history, and it makes us better than most individuals could have been in any previous period.

More summaries of the data showing that at this time the economy is doing great, yet a substantial proportion of our people are bumping along the bottom. Lowest unemployment in a long time, highest food bank demand. GDP climbing, rising delinquency and default rates on all kinds of loans. Stock market and bond markets doing great, but major banks world-wide don’t do very well on intentionally-lenient stress tests.

The contrast between the news and the reality is a measure of the system’s dishonesty. Your investments are in dishonest hands. Remember Jon Corzine? :



My government pursues policies which produce evil, routinely and despite feedback wrt the evil. The Pentagon doesn’t want the war in Afghanistan to end, is my conclusion :


Other approaches to governance :


PyQuil, Python for Quantum Computing. Interesting explanation of quantuum computing at the assembly language level :

Government videos are much less informative than independents, this example is greening the environment in Ethiopia :

There were ice-free paths along the west coast of NAmerica 17,000 years ago. I read another 6 articles from here :


Excellent, another area that the FDA can’t control. Abolishing the FDA and CDC would be a positive benefit to the world. Drug manufacturers would still like about their drugs and deliver drugs with very high rates of death, e.g. VIOXX, but at least you could sue them. Regulatory agencies generally protect the manufacturers from being liable for their products, so long as they follow the agency’s rules :


Seems to me that people consistently under-estimate Trump



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