Daily Reading #29A

By this time in the international mafia’s history, they all have each other by the balls.

Nobody owns anybody, they all have some latitude in doing their bit, they all expect to be paid for their work. It is a world of relationships, same as any other world.

Many hundreds of people in governments around the world were involved in negotiating the Iran Deal, same as Uranium One, I think.

There appears to be no competent AND honest investigative unit in the entire world willing to call a spade a spade, a country trying to rule others via terror is a terrorist country. The US Government is a terrorist government, the citizens of the country get nothing from all this.

100s of 1000s of people know aspects of all this corruption. Even after a decisive win, the evidence of the crimes would dribble out for decades.

We better figure out how to fix that infestation of parasites, parasites cause a high death rate in every part of every ecosystem.

It oppresses my soul, we know all this, and let it happen to us. And now the positive-feedback system of the state-controlled indoctrination has produced a generation of social justice warriors intent on scape-goating the group with the most guns and military training, a complete distraction.

And the rot goes very deep into all of our layers of government. Sheriffs around the nation appear to cooperate completely with federal agencies in arranging or covering up extra-judicial killings. This is Rahm Emmanuel’s city, where he is the Deep Black Swamp’s man in charge :


Tommy Robinson’s case will not stop causing political problems for some time :

Anyone who thinks the economies of the world are going up should read NakedCapitalism.com’s “2PM Water Cooler” set of links. That has a list of economic reports. I don’t read it often, it is too easy to get confirmation biased, but the list is far more negative than positive these days. Another example :


Container ships have 2 stroke diesel engines that have 800cm pistons :


Excellent, the US CIA, MI6 and Mossad created ISIS, and we should all of us lose a massive legal liability case for our actions :


I must say that Youtube has changed in the couple of months since they started taking heat for the obvious bias. A few days later, I saw links suggested for me to George Webb, and Youtube’s suggestions are more interesting of late :

Charles Ortel and Jason Goodman are an excellent team, I haven’t followed them of later, I don’t need more details of Clinton Crimes to convince me they are a major element of the Deep Black Swamp in this wide world. These people, that whole NSA-CIA infiltration of everything, compromise operations, … This goverment had better start serious and wide-front investigations AND PROSECUTIONS! There are no prosecutions! How can there be no prosecutions? My government is a criminal conspiracy, from the evidence of the missing prosecutions. :

This is the funniest thing I have seen for a long time. I started laughing about 4 minutes in, the female interviewer was aggressively demonstrating everything Peterson was stating :

George Webb’s investigation continues, this first today focuses on who and how of the Deep Dives into Trump’s associates. His hypothesis working narrative requires people to have their own laptops inside NSA. I don’t think so, NSA is very serious about viruses coming in and data going back out, they don’t allow laptops, at least not from outsiders. They have all of their computer’s USB ports expoxied over to prevent connecting anything to their network that is not OKed. I doubt it is much different for insiders, also, it is just too big a security hole :

Laura Loomer is good at digging up facts contradicting the official narrative :

No kidding, colleges aren’t about learning, they are about credentialling :


Badgers and wolverines are clever animals :

I watch these Himalayan sheparding and such videos to stay grounded. I have a garden that people walk by and their kids through, talk with a new neighbor every few days. Amazing how few know what the plants are. This is a society that has little to no understanding of food production. Call me a traditionalist, but that sure as hell isn’t anti-fragile positive-sum strategy. We bias the hell out of the political system, make all of the learned professions firmly dependent upon government, and who could have anticipated it? Magically MDs practice in medical Taj Mahals, physicians and medicines reap ever-larger %ages of the total GDP, education costs far outstrip wages growth.

And we have stripped everyone off the land to fill the factories by USDA funding of research and single-focus on a few crops. Centralization has produced another system that will crash when the environment changes, e.g. higher energy prices, weeds becoming resistant to herbicides, insects becoming resistant to insecticides, monoculture crops and animals becoming susceptable to disease, … all the things that smaller-scale, diverse-crop farming prevents :

More variables, values still unknown, to be incorporated into climate models. Computational complexity of the model is proportional to the number of data elements, say in the grid of volumes of atmosphere, and the land and ocean in contact with atmosphere, raised to the power of the number of dimensions. More dimensions, climate models do not need.


Nitrogen-fixing in plants via supporting nodules allowing the right bacteria is easily lost :


Spanish legacy cattle in Florida, ‘cracker cattle’ :


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