Daily Reading #294

I have been watching Carlson and Hannity to see what most people understand about the political situation. They are still far behind George Webb and Jake Morphonios. Jake’s latest says FBI insiders are genuinely afraid the US will dissolve if the info on Antony Wiener’s laptop is revealed. The drip, drip, drip of revelations is leading to a paradigm shift wrt the proper role of government in our socio-politico-economic system. I have been advocating same as Jake, time to start over, abandoning this government, just chopping it off. Then add some provisions to the US Constitution, repeal some of the Amendments, and continue from there. We do NOT need most of the current apparatus of government, especially not an FBI, CIA or large professional military. The large professional military with the large professional intelligence organizations is what has brought this system down, so standard in history how could we have allowed it? :

Combine ‘internal liberalization of trade’ with the policy of charging all imports from each country the highest tariff rate that country charges the US on any product, the trade problems take care of themselves. Too obvious, too easy, I rarely see the idea discussed :



Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert had suitcases of cash and little boys delivered to his Chicago offices. Knowing what we now know, that money and those boys came via CIA drug smuggling, with Congress receiving part of the proceeds in return for political cover and favorable laws. Hastert was the CIA’s man in Congress. We will find that Adam Schiff is one of the key people in one of the ratlines, or on a committee that does so, as the Senate Armed Services Committee manages illegal weapons sales around the world, and weapons for drugs deals. The amount of black money going to our Congressmen is considerable, if they are inside the network. They all of them become multimillionaires in a 20 year career in Congress. You don’t do that on a Congressman’s salary.

Schiff is certainly right about the US Government as a whole, it isn’t clear one party is superior to the other wrt corruption. If it is any consolation to Schiff, I don’t think it will be possible for Republicans to downplay Republican crimes and enhance Democratic crimes, because both are deeply tied to the Deep Black Swamp’s flows of illegal goods and money, and the operations have not been well separated. Just the reverse, the way the mafia ratlines work is that in return for some favor, new members of the mafia are awarded a franchise of crime. The Awans were given car theft rings, ran the infiltration of Congress’s IT system and exfiltration of data operations and associated compromise operations, with coercion of women involved producing a string of beating reports. It is quite astonishing to have them doing both, the data operations produce $Bs in revenue for the Deep Black Swamp and a constant supply of new potential enemies for MIC. But the Awans stole cars also, and managed their own enforcement operations, military training. Also, working with someone in the House Credit Union, or on the committee running that, and ripping the House CU off for 100s of $1000s in loans. And have gotten away with all that for about 15 years, despite all of the attention they attracted. And none of that is coming out in open admissions from inside Congress, and Congressional Leadership still won’t say “Awans”.

Those bits of history are all you need to know to judge how deep the rot goes, at least in the DC-Boston corridor of our country. There are many, many people in our government aware of aspects of this, and how protected by law they are despite obvious and repeated crimes.

Schiff points the finger at himself. By this time, if Mueller + the full CIA-NSA-FBI spy, informant and surveillance apparatus has not found anything to hang Trump with, Trump is the cleanest president in US history, while Schiff is fighting to prevent another special prosecutor being directed at the coverup of Clinton’s crimes, and you have not yet heard anyone in the punditry say we need Special Prosecutors aimed at the entire federal apparatus and the lost $Trillions :


MIC needs enemies so badly, Iran will have to do. Does Iran fund terrorism? Examples, please, I don’t know of any. All of ISIS was CIA-Mossad-MI6 directed. When Aleppo fell, the cease fire was to allow the NATO military and intelligence advisers to escape the city. The CIA accusing Iran of terrorism is mere propaganda. Iran is Bibi’s enemy, Iran’s Jews are happy there, last I heard :


The Russians did it, I am convinced. This is an astonishing performance, how could anyone find any of it convincing? I cannot get my mind around this insanity, am more convinced than ever a bunch of people need to hang :


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