Daily Reading #293

I want to say historic, but only if there are prosecutions and our Deep Black Swamp draining seriously begins :


Israel is shooting people everywhere, it is obviously building to genocide :

Children are being abused around the country, there is real $ in child porn :

The zeitgeist is changing rapidly, and alt-media is at base of it :

George Webb’s amazing investigation continues :

Amazing BS from the rightish side of politics :


Hard to admire Whoopi Goldberg any more, fun to watch Clapper trip over his lies :

Electronic medical records are another centrally-imposed requirement :


Hard to know whether something like this is insightful. But it is entertaining to see that Putin was able to portray a convincing authenticity :


Graduate school is a depressing and psychologically stressful time :


The “Russians hacked the DNC” story is a complete lie :



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