Daily Reading #295

This seems right. NK depends more on China than the CIA’s flow of nuclear tech via Pakistan, thus Kim’s reversal of position :

Chairman Xi Jinping Responds: North Korea says it is still willing to talk with US “at any time” and in “any format”

The US plans to accelerate Venezuela’s problems to get rid of Maduro ‘and re-establish Democracy’. Same as with the old USSR, the US doesn’t believe in the inherent strength of a free society. Non-free societies, which include Iran, must be at an disadvantage, and should be allowed to fail in strict neutrality. Otherwise, the political forces have an excuse, failures take much longer, and nobody learns from the experience :


Thierry Meyssan sees the ME’s many conflicts as part of an organic whole. No element can be solved without solving the problems created by Israel :


Both Amazon and Google have deep CIA-NSA ties. Of course their products are spy devices :


George Webb maintains a lot of information in his very fine mind His reporting is far in front of even Fox, his group is part of an elite few who break most of the stories in this long exposure of the corruption, and George is one of the best explainers of context. This guy deserves mega prizes, and you have to wonder what is keeping him alive :

George Neumayr is a new name to me, excellent reporting on the CIA’s ongoing attempting coup :


This is the counter to my conjecture wrt a false flag to trigger the Continuity of Government laws. They could have gone on defrauding the US of $Ts for many years, but pushing for ultimate power will end them. I never had any doubt about the outcome, but think that isn’t enough to stop them. Besides, taking the US out of action for a while would allow the many 9/11 perps to live out a natural life in some other country. Maybe :


A very concise and complete state of the alternatives wrt identity politics :


Schools are a positive danger to children, physically, mentally and socially. Take your kid out of school. Academics do not matter until the mind is adult, and then they can go to college with 2 years of study, even if illiterate. It is difficult to be illiterate in the age of the internet :


I agree with Jake Morphonios on Scouting. Very solid opinions based on reality very well expressed :

Jimmy Dore points out a few problems with the their messages relative to messengers. Very funny. Ds keep wondering why they keep losing. It is because of the natural dynamics of political systems. This happens, must happen, as soon as the elites turn criminal. That guarantees a peasant revolt as the elites become disconnected from the masses. Really dumb to gurantee a peasant revolt in a nation with so many AR-15s and well-trained and well-equipped snipers, aka Deer Hunters.

Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein have been in politics for the money. Criminal exploitation of their offices is the way they accumulate such wealth, it isn’t their business acumen. They stay because to leave would risk loss of the protective power their positions have, their criminal deeds will be exposed. They are part of the criminal elites of Congress. They will hang if this gets straightened out. They can’t hang onto their positions without supporters, so you know how deep all this shit goes, how powerful are the people behind the criminals in Congress. CIA is just the enforcement arm, the one being hung out to dry. When the CIA and FBI are gone, those powerful people will still be there.

Yes, the breakup of the European currency union has inevitable since it was started, still is. Meijer is always interesting :



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