Daily Reading #262

George Webb recommended this discussion between Jason Goodman, Jerome Corsi and Charles Ortel. Very excellent high-level analysis and discussion of all the hidden links between the Deep Black Swamp players. A one sentence summary would be “Deep Black Swamp is losing, Trump is in command, Google and FB will be broken into small pieces” :


Robert Gore’s Straight Line Logic is always excellent, analysis of the drivers of the future. In this case, debt and wasted government spending. I always read it from Western Rifle :

Trump’s New World Order, by Robert Gore

Thierry Meyssan has the inside story on the Novichok neurotoxin and Tillerson’s siding with the CIA, the bad guys in the ME responsible for the uses of poison gasses as excuses to attack Assad :


A reformist DA is possible. Very excellent thinking :


Another reminder of the evil that the US of A has done and is doing in the ME :





CHSmith understands evolution and the need for local variation. I like his CLIME model of money and community. My own version was even less centralized :



Yes, I unfortunately had my 1993 rear-ended at a traffic light, bent the frame so a total loss. I hate the nanny car which replaces it :


The push to war continues. More power to politicians helps that along :




George Webb’s investigation continues, more and more detail fitting into the big picture of long-term plans by the CIA and DOD to control the civilian government for run and profit :


The trade war :




The alternative to a system of private banking with private accounts is uncontrolled government power. People should not do business with anyone they can’t trust, same as evaluating sources of information. we have enough person-to-person communications to implement that, easily. We don’t need the government and its rules :

The peculiarities of the US financial system make it ideal for money laundering

More rehash of Facebook and the election. I had read this before, forgot, but giving people reasons not to vote in swing states is a clever strategem. OTOH, my wife’s co-workers all all solid liberal-to-progressives in a very pro-Hillary part of the country. None voted for Hillary as they were appalled by her record of war and how the DNC stole the primary from Bernie :



Jordan Peterson on Crazy Women :

Stem cells are beginning to be used in medicine :


More examples of medical people under-valuing the risks of diagnostic procdures and treatments. CAT scans deliver 10X as much radiation as an Xray :


More war talk wrt NKorea :



One thought on “Daily Reading #262

  1. H-1b breaks the social contract between US citizens and their government, and introduces an insidious form of hidden violence against working people waged by the same corp mindset which justified introducing slavery in colonial America.

    David Ricardo
    (18 April 1772 – 11 September 1823) was an English political economist.

    Ricardo is the source of the concepts behind the so-called Iron Law of Wages, according to which wages naturally tend to a subsistence level.

    He was also an abolitionist, speaking at a meeting of the Court of the East India Companyin March 1823, where he said he regarded slavery as stain on the character of the nation.


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