Daily Reading #261

This is an excellent review of Mueller’s very major violations of Department of Justice rules in his pursuit of Trump :


The financial crash will produce a World Wide Greater Depression. The US is no better or worse than the other nations of the world, all will hit the same wall within months of the first. The first is closer every month. Just to remind everyone, the Japanese central bank is buying 75% of Japanese Treasury bonds, and the US is not far behind. Debt dominates all, this is all inevitable, and carefully ignored by everyone :


Thinking more about Trump’s “True intentions” and the possible trajectories of events. Trump has long-term goals, he has focused on building his brand for his entire life, is obviously driven. The fact that the Deep Black Swamp wants him out is the best recommendation, Brennan’s opposition is not faked. So either there are other divisions within the “Intelligence Community”, or Trump has ulterior motives, or Trump made mistakes in thinking things through when he selected Pompeo and Haspel. Ditto wrt Wray and the FBI. And why no IGs, the people to really clean out the bureaucracies, if carefully selected?

I have read that if an executive gets 40% of his decisions correct, he is a genius. And realize that Trump is surrounded with people who have different goals. Again, I conclude that we don’t have any alternative except to keep pressure on Trump to end the wars and drain the swamp.

The push to war continues :




It is good to see newspapers actually doing investigative journalism :


They go after Cambridge Analytica, immediately new info surfaces about how Obama’s people did the same thing :


George Webb’s investigation continues looking into the Blackberry 20 and the SES infiltration of the IG’s offices :


Is the WTO an NWO institution? I haven’t studied that, so have no opinion, but it would account for Trump’s animus :


This version of capitalism, whatever you call it, is not functional. It is the reason for the coming wave of bankruptcies :


The real reason to oppose central banks is the ‘central’. Centralization of power and decisions defeats evolution, the most powerful mechanism for exploring better futures. Gold is a decentralized system of exchange, we should return to that. Not a gold standard, Gold. On that base, a new financial system can be built. This one has failed :


Legal liability is huge for AI companies, something not much discussed, it seems to me :


AI research has its own reproducibility crisis, which just has to add to the legal liability problem :

The Machine Learning Reproducibility Crisis

I absolutely guarantee (in the absence of personal knowledge version of ‘guarantee’), that NSA calculates scores for political dimensions via its wiretapping of EVERYTHING and the flow through its computers in Utah. That is, after all, the intent of NSA’s anti-Constitutional spying on US citizens, and also an inevitable result of any design for handling those data flows :


Childbirth rate is an indication that the country has never recovered from the 2007 recession :


Google maps/earth is an interesting new tool in many ways :


New scientific tools routinely overturn all existing theory :


Having given considerable thought to exactly this kind of operation, this is fraud. A year’s worth of food is just the beginning of prepping, you need to be able to raise your own and preserve it, plus all the tools and technology to do that. Non-trivial to make that work with a bunch of city folks :


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