Daily Reading #263

The push to war continues. God I hope that Trump handles this well :




I don’t think Bolton will be selected. Trump does this a lot, allowing names to be discussed for positions, picking someone else :


Wrote that in the AM, in the PM I find this. Donald Trump is fighting the Deep Black Swamp? John Bolton is DBS, Israeli-Neocon division :


Even headlines aren’t honest. “Admits there is a deep state”. He didn’t admit it, he asserted it :


Anyone who expects the FBI to be honest, to pursue justice, is ignorant. Mueller got where he is by this kind of crap, in addition to sponsoring the 1993 WTC bombing and at least covering up the OKC bombing, 9/11 bombing, all false flags. We need to abolish the FBI, the CIA and all the intelligence agencies except the DIA. It cannot EVER set foot inside the US of A nor EVER look at a single individual anywhere in the world without a warrant. We MUST apply our Bill of Rights to everyone on planet earth, that removes the exceptions that make for US exceptionalism :


Discordianism is the only empirically-validated religion, again here. Attempts to impose order always produce the opposition that will destroy the order imposed. Order can evolve, it cannot be imposed :


We allowed our government to escape the Constitution. That has produced enormous evil in the world :


This is the House Intelligence Committee releasing their report. After it is redacted by the Deep Black Swamp, of course, so it may lose some of its impact in the process :


Not doom porn, the working of financial systems with huge debts, which unfunded pension liabilities are, guarantees huge financial problems in the near future :


New World Order pursuing global government is a real thing, fully integrated with the Deep Black Swamp of world-wide mafias :


Businesses must have bank accounts. It is the businesses this is aimed at :


Officers above the level of major can’t say these things until they retire, and not then if they are part of the MIC :


The entire solar system is an ‘open system’, one with unconstrained gravitational inputs, as this article explains. Also from radiation, e.g. the result of novas and supernovas, postulated to be the reason for some mass extinctions. Climate models don’t handle such events, they don’t even handle the sun’s variability very well :



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