Daily Reading #243

Saturday I did a big share of unloading 4 yards of potting soil from a pickup truck into our garden boxes. I am good with a shovel, long training on the farm. My son commented on the fact I was so much more effective than my helpers, who included a guy who bragged about his experience in digging foxholes. But I was trained long and hard on several varieties of shovels, e.g. garden, ditching, feed, manure. Also forks, hay, silage, potato. Farmers know how to work.

This is very fine philosophizing and also confirmation of my biases to thinking a political realignment is happening in the world. I continue to believe the internet and alt-media are converging intelligent opinions in the direction of the ideas that worked in the past. Back to basics is the common social overshoot following golden ages. Our golden age of consumerism is ending, we are looking for our overshoots. Politics soon.

Trump must fail, the view from systems and history predicts.

I hate that conclusion, my natural optimism about my fellow man makes me want to believe that our system can fix itself, but I believe there are no examples of empires that faded slowly and successfully avoided prolonged stagnation of economy and society and complete changes of style of government. Probably Britain was among the luckiest, despite losing such a high percentage of its men to war two generations in a row and having its post-WWII economy saddled with enormous debt.

But even having an intact government, with debt, was not as good as Germany’s complete defeat and loss of far more of its population. Even split in half, Germany recovered faster than England. Germany didn’t have as many laws and went free market early in the occupation.

That is the best argument I have heard for ‘burn it down’. I hate this conclusion, one at war with my optimistic conclusion, that everything is different because of the internet and information flows that makes possible. I come to that conclusion again and again :


Theirry Meyssan’s view of the US is ‘edge of inner collapse’, he compares Trump to Gorbachev :


CHSmith is very good as usual. I have not been visiting his blog as I should because he is insightful :


The markets are rigged, George Soros of the world have deep inside information. What anybody who has been paying attention knew from that paper that showed that US Senator’s portfolios appreciated at 5% > US Congressman’s portfolios and the fact that a majority of trading is now done through dark pools. Also what The Economist just now notices only because academics published papers.

Amazing how our Stasis Quo’s institutions burn credibility :


George Webb. George has a great record as an investigative reporter, it seems to me :


The crash in Russia has victims associated with Uranium One. The Deep Black Swamp’s mafia is cleaning up loose ends. If I was involved with any of their many crimes, I wouldn’t fly for a while. If I had information implicating any of the executives of the CIA’s cutouts, I would go black. I don’t believe the idea of the internet tracking people down quickly, it just isn’t that hard to change your appearance and style of life enough to avoid attention for a few years, tho it takes cash and discipline. :



Look at the similarity of thinking in these next 3, confirmation of my bias wrt political realignment. WRSA provided the first, NakedCapitalism the 2nd which I linked to above, and the third from a Santa Cruz Progressive :




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