Daily Reading #242

OK, it is time for large demonstrations. The political re-alignment is well underway, and there are a core set of issues all can agree upon. Anti-war, for our government respecting all citizens strictly inside the Constitution, an end to the corruption and military spending that does more than defend the territories of the United States of America. A neutral foreign policy that treats everyone equally.

So we need slogans. Does Equally Good For Everybody as a design goal resonate?

Back to the Constitution, it protects us all equally!
Free, clear and honest speech is equally good for everybody!
Engage with unlikely people, it is equally good for everybody
Peace is equally good for everybody!
Strong communities are equally good for everybody!
Equally good for everybody is our ideal!

That thought is about as even-handed as it gets in political or social import while stating a clear strong value that is very widely shared.

Our global masters fear public opposition, they work very hard to keep the coming confrontation in the future. The killings are more blatant, the chains of influence more open and openly acknowledged, the media ever more polarized. That is a neutral statement of the situation.

People I talk with are simply agog at how NPR, CNN, … are so very openly burning their reputations in support of political goals that are so very obviously criminal. How can this be rational for anyone? These stories are not going away, the prosecutions will commence, but only after months of the drip, drip, drip erosion of the influence of the Stasis Quo and the interdependent institutions they all depend upon to keep control. Think Chinese water torture for the Deep Black Swamp mafias and associated networks of oligarchs.

In my opinion, the way I see things today, this is a beautiful script that is playing out in the nightly news, and the contrast between reality and major media propaganda is sharper than anything I have yet experienced. This long drawn-out process of the new information flows that are so defeating secrecy is having a very marked effect on political attitudes in this country. The political minds behind the Stasis Quo’s talking points are not stupid, nor constrained by their own ideology. I think this stark contrast in views of the same facts is a measure of desperation. They are in a freight train on the downhill grade and the brakes don’t seem to be working.

Those information flows are alt-media. Watch a few days of George Webb these days, and realize a) how much open source information there is about everything, and b) how easily it can be connected via hints from inside the many insides. So Webb and all the others keep track of each other’s newest facts via open twitter, with streams of facts and thoughts produced by many writers and selected by many editors of web sites specializing in everything. It isn’t an echo chamber unless you want it to be.

Look at the interest grow in the many significant alt-media personages. It is a very competitive business, out on the edge as compared to legacy, and guess who is winning? Standard edge vs center evolutionary dynamics, the center always loses control because the most stringently-selected populations are on the edge of the range. Genes, memes and peoples sweep across centers as a consequence of evolution, built into the fabric of reality. Really.

That is what the Stasis Quo is, that center, destined to lose. The name of the game for everyone everywhere is to get very peaceful and very prepared, two faces of very wise.

Globalism == global Deep Black Swamp mafia of drugs, arms, people and organs, the growth of a world government, in effect operating with power directed by interests independent of any single nation state. An emergent phenomenon, in fact, as cheap secure exchanges of information scaled mafias to new levels of sophistication, fully integrated with national governments. This would be a bad sci-fi dystopian plot, but it is in fact happening right here on our international internet stage.

George webb today makes it clear that a significant amount of the money from the guns-drugs-people-organs trade went to the DNC to elect Hillary Clinton. The pedophile Republican House Leader Dennis Hastert case made it clear that the money was being distributed to congressional leader, as Hastert got suitcases and little boys delivered to his offices in Chicago. All this stuff connects, there is no way to cauterize the connections in a world with Google, and so things will continue to be exposed so long as there is any public will to do so. The public is not going to get tired of learning how little we are valued by our political and economic masters. This isn’t going away.

The push to war continues. This new nuclear doctrine gives more power to the military in deciding to use nuclear weapons, a very bad idea. The Pentagon’s nuclear doctrine is getting a lot of negative press. When did that last change DC’s mind about anything? It isn’t just the Fed, CDC, FDA, DOJ, DOE, NSA, CIA, FBI, and … that are out of control :



So it seems to me the Israelis will get their asses kicked if they begin a serious confrontation with Syria. Their last war with Hezbollah did not go well and Hezbollah seems relatively stronger now than at that time. Syria’s new air defenses seem better than in Israel’s previous wars against its neighbors. Israel has significantly less support in Europe, the UN and American in 2018 than in any previous decade.

In previous wars, the US was Israeli’s logistics support, air lifting weapons as needed from US bases to Israel. I am not so clear that President Trump would OK that because American voters are tired of war. The Israeli-Neoconservative wing of US politics is losing power by long coupling with the forces of globalism.

Israel has started this round of fighting, it cannot claim moral high ground. The Deep Black Swamp does not control the media as completely as previously. Additionally, the Israeli economy is more integrated with the world’s and those interests are less likely to favor war. Netanyahu’s Likud Party is increasingly unpopular, the coalition government unstable. Without knowing anything about Israeli politics, I think it probable that this continuous drumbeat for war from Netanyahu is a result of that internal politics, it is the commonest pattern in beginning wars.

Such wars are commonly lost from lack of focus and unity of national will and thus a series of half-measures at each step.

The correlation of forces has shifted against Israeli militarists, it seems to me :


George Webb today starts with a tweet from Donald Trump Jr. quoting a Gateway Pundit article. George Toscas is another lead in this widening net of crime. The webs of influence are expanding, we must be down to 4 steps from top to bottom in our new networked social world.

It is a revelation that Tor, the onion router allowing anonymity on the net, was developed to protect communications inside the ratlines. Amazing world. Also makes me want another layer of encryption or so between me and the other end of the link.

George mentioned the Capital Police report. Oh, yes. That hasn’t come out yet. George keeps saying that document will clarify many issues wrt the Awan Brothers Spy Ring in Congress.

Drip, drip, drip, the criminal gangs are exposed. Such a lovely script, step by step, officialdom comes along behind, well behind, digging investigative reporters who have themselves had insiders give them the leads. Parallel construction by the researchers, parallel legal construction by officialdom, all so nice and clean that no court has a reason to overturn it:



This is a big picture view of the evolution of the crime rings in government from George. Tell everyone about George, the Deep Black Swamp kills people like George very often :


The push to war continues. Israel has a death wish, “live by the sword, etc.” message seems to have escaped their notice :


War is one of many excuses for more authoritarian government :


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