Daily Reading #244

George Webb reminded us that the Capital Police’s investigation of the various incidents in the Awan Brother’s Drug-Spy Ring in Congress will have a big effect on many of the scandal stories. Why has that not come out yet? The web site isn’t clear as to whether the IGs report to the CP or vv, but they are connected. With a Republican-controlled Congress, that report and the Congressional S&L’s records must be in the hands of Republicans. So why are they not being integrated with the House and Senate intelligence committee’s investigations?

Either there is a story there wrt politics, so many members of Congress compromised so very deeply in the Drug and Spy ring in Congress, or keeping the information back is part of the script. If the crimes are as huge as we all believe, it will take a long time for enough people to grasp that, that Trump is not the ultimate EVIL the anti-Trump factions around the world believe him to be. And the other side of that coin, that they have been completely and intentionally fooled by their leaders and propaganda. Feminists and Progressives have a lot of getting over to do. Taking their time to drip, drip, drip this big story and huge implications into ossified minds could avoid a lot of shooting.

Just now, George Webb reports that the House Intelligence Committee dealt with opioid overdose deaths, which lead to ‘bipartisan moments’. OK, that was the next shoe to drop, and it will eventually lead to money from the Drug and Spy Ring in Congress ending in Clinton’s personal and campaign accounts. Leaks and documents driving alt-media every day, eventually producing to headlines every day.

Even if there is a stock market catastrophe and follow-on economic problems, the effects won’t be felt much before November 2018. Even if legacy media hammers the economy, stories of crimes in high places will dominate most people’s thinking. So I predict that the Democratic face of the Deep Black Swamp criminal cabal running our nation will not do well in the 2018 elections.

Consider the sequence relative to Trump’s sources of opposition. DBS is the biggest and baddest, he can’t attack that directly because he needs resources to do so. So Trump filled his admin with DBS opponents of stature or trust, Generals and people known to Trump personally, but some he had to take for all kinds of other reasons. Then begins the gradual sorting out of what lines of power and influence he can trust and how much with what. Trump is likely close to getting the FBI under control, if Wray wasn’t a DBS ploy. (People haven’t been sure about Wray, it seems to me.) After that, the DOJ, if Sessions isn’t a DBS ploy.(People are more certain about Sessions being a solid law and order guy, as am I.)

So one honest President, some honest IGs, honest members of Congress, a few Army Generals and N years of effort, and we may have the rest of our government, including our CIA, under control again. After that is the hard part, the mafias inside the many other institutions of our society.

Either the CIA has a hell of a home court advantage, or it hasn’t focused on conquering the world, or it has and the Kabuki government model we see here in the US is international, all civilian governments are massively infiltrated with criminals associated with intelligence agencies and ratlines. Given how surprised Merkel was that her own spy agency helped the NSA listen to her cell phone calls, at least many govs are stylized facades going through the motions, PR operations for the DBS.

I just noticed that Trump is again considering adding Pakistan to the list of nations supporting terrorism. Pakistan is a major conduit of the illegal trade in drugs and arms, a major cooperator with our CIA in these endeavors.

Could this be Trump’s clever way of over-riding the bureaucracy and ending our War To Control Poppy Production? Do automatic limits wrt military transits, government personnel, visas, tracking money and people, … get imposed on terrorist states, the kind of things that could limit Deep Black Swamp’s ratlines? Why does this get rumored again and again with no action? There is a big story behind this, also, I think.

The script has a master’s touch, imho.

More evidence of the convergence of political opinion. This is Jason Goodman and Charles Ortel with another chapter in their investigation of the corruption :


This is a cross-over in comedy, a style normally associated with the hard left here used by a rational person :


Charles discussed this article :


More questions about the Mandalay Bay Massacre. This is Laura Loomer and an MD pathologist on the path results for Stephen Paddock :


George Webb, et al investigations continue :



Smart people confirm my bias wrt the Deep Black Swamp being on the defensive, drip, drip, drip and Trump is hero. “It is all going to come out” is the refrain :


Human brains run hot, the reason human cognition declines far more than with our primate relatives. Gazzaniga on the brain’s self-cuing, the brains output is also its own major input, output of modules evoke other modules :


It appears that the USDA hasn’t had much to do with chickens, there are 100s of breeds. Chickens and cannabis strains are a marked contrast to corn and beans, as close to mono-cultures as hybrid seed technologies allow :


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