Daily Reading #143

George Webb, Jason Goodmans and Trish Nigron’s open source investigation into CIA-lead corruption continues.  Now there is a more serious effort to discredit them.

George indeed has a credibility issue.  His thinking seems solid,  he certainly is illuminating an important aspect of the CIA’s corruption, but the question is how a guy with his plain vanilla, mildly activist, background knows so much about spy ring operations and ratlines.

Also, his speculations very often turn out to have evidence behind them, found by his internet researchers.  Tidbits fed from an intelligence agency, an open source version of ‘parallel construction’? Note the possible example of a ratline in operation in the link below, tho no seriously hard drugs were involved.

Every day they bring out more information, more connections, more anomalies :















A bit of confirmation of Webb’s thesis that ‘ratlines’ exist.  The list of names seems Pakistani to me, and includes ‘Alwan’ and ‘Awan’.  I will send it to George and Jason, if I can ever figure out their gd email address :


Another example of the Stasis Quo throwing the Clintons under the bus.  I assume they think they can delay things this way, at the short-term sacrifice of their assets, who can be pardoned if the Deep State wins. They still appear to think that the “Russia did it” story will work in impeaching Trump, Feinstein repeats the theme here. They are still underestimating their power relative to alt-media, this ploy will not work because of the internet researchers :


Things you won’t read in the NYTimes.  Failures in legacy media fuel the rise of the alt-media :


This is from the Woodpile Report. I am seeing more and more people saying ‘weeks, not months’ wrt a major stock market reset.  Given the many risks, that seems inseparable from general economic reset, and the social reset that will follow :

The coming Crash :

Mises Institute – How Long Can the Fed Keep the Boom Going?

Zero Hedge – Paul Singer Warns “All Hell Will Break Loose”

Alhambra Investments – The Real Signs That Matter … “something” is wrong deep inside the mathematics of wholesale banking

Economic Collapse – 5 Highly Respected Financial Experts That Are Warning That A Market Crash Is Imminent … could all of these top experts be wrong?

Zero Hedge – “This Market Is Crazy”: Hedge Fund Returns Hundreds Of Millions To Clients Citing Imminent “Calamity”

Zero Hedge – GM Reports Record “Channel Stuffing”: Auto Inventory Highest Since November 2007

Zero Hedge – “Now The Pain Begins”: S&P, Moodys Cut Illinois To Near Junk, Lowest Ever Rating For A U.S. State

Mauldin Economics – The Next Recession May Be A Complete Reset Of All Asset Valuations [may?!]

Morningside Hill .pdf – … 93% of the new jobs reported since 2008 – 6.3 million out of 6.7 million – and 40% of the jobs in 2016 alone were added through the business birth and death model – a highly controversial model which is not supported by the data.

Peak Prosperity – Less Than Zero: How The Fed Killed Saving … no interest plus inflation destroyed the incentive

This is seriously amazing, a hoverboard that goes to 10,000 feet :


This is an evoluton of Prof Wrangham’s thoughts about cooking being necessary to become human, as cooking provides more calories from food, more calories mean more babies, smaller guts and larger brains. Dr. Medler provides evidence of how small-brained humans learned to manage fire and to cook from the presence of lava flows in the Great Rift Valley :

An EMP seems to me to be a high-probability black swan. Risking that is dumb :


A chemical approach to defeating bacteria’s antibiotic resistance, very promising :


I had this idea, using comments on some web site as a communications link for malware, 2 years ago :




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