Daily Reading #144

George Webb, et al :















There is something in me that loves how unlikely are the most idealistic people who have become the heroes and heroines of our time. Flamboyant gays becoming Donald Trump’s most entertaining supporter, greatly appreciated by even social conservatives has to make people understand the world differently.  I appreciate the ethics of this, we need much more of it.  Humanity over laws, every damn time :


The thing that is taking the Stasis Quo oligarchs and Deep State down is the fact they no longer control the media. Items like this cross the blogosphere in a day, and are on talk radio immediately. So they lost secrecy, operations continue as tho they still had it. Really, if they had thought about it, they couldn’t have believed they would  get by with doing so many things in the open. Nor that all of the agencies able to see into the rest of their Deep State, outside-the-law operations, would not approve of them.

Not very clever, our modern CIA. Maybe.

Their understanding of the necessary influence needed to continue to progress in contolling a government and their assessment of the US government’s structure and functions and the people in the positions is very likely better than I can imagine.  We can see they completely control the legacy media.  We don’t know how many corrupted federal and state judges, legislators, or people in important government, NGO and corporations the CIA can control with methods including murder and blackmail.  They do and their out-in-the-open operations continue.  Incompetence, no-choice desperation, quiet confidence or ???, the game isn’t done yet :


Watch this account of how the CIA operates, the multiple levels of “don’t need to know, don’t want to know” they build into the structure and operations.  Great training for enterprising young criminals who rise in the organization taking their criminal networks with them.  This is worth watching, it simultaneously debunks some of the myths and makes their world-wide skulduggery much more inevitable, there is far more evidence than we need to investigate people on charges of treason, no way could they be operating in the interests of the US.  They make random violence a legitimate tool of government.  How can that kind of system be stable?  That is the idiocy that is producing the instability of our entire civilization.

I cannot recommend this view of the CIA enough. I don’t think this is inaccurate, tho it is the standard leftist view.  Pieces of this came through into magazines like Harpers, The New Yorker, over the years, but the reality was overwhelmed by the propaganda. Libertarian publications opposed it, we had no effect at all.

Without question, the CIA has been a major cause of drug, sex, arms, child and, more recently, organ trafficking, from their very beginning.  Without question, the CIA has meddled in the politics of the US and their other host countries, from the very beginning. Without question, the CIA is the major threat to the existance of our Constitutional government, under law, and has been so from the very beginning of that evil agency :


Styxhexenhammer makes it obvious how different are the rational actions of Republicans vs their actual behavior.  (I have been seeing more and more mentions of Lindsay Graham being gay, btw. Can you say ‘blackmailed’? )

How to account for the difference? Styx’s answer is ‘stupid party’, but Styx assumes the average Republican’s interests are within the normal acceptable human range, positive-sum games.  That produces well-functioning societies.  But every time a ruling class gets too much control, their bounds are outside of that acceptable human range. Every single time in human history.  There has never been a benevolent dictatorship and can never be, that is not within human capabilities, individual mental abilities and ethical judgement and rectitude :


The news vs reality and events suggest that Venezuela is another CIA operation. Standard sequence of corruption in an oil-based government combined with control of the US bankers and World Bank, etc. could crash the economy of Venezuela, a major oil producer.  Add the violence from the opposition, the society is very divided, violence is getting worse, every institution outside of the country ignores the sources of the violence, etc.

Notice a pattern here? Major oil producers are fair game, and Kaddafi’s example says that acquiesence, integrating with the world economy, doesn’t help, so Venezuela has had no good choices.

It is way past time :

The quality of thought of our political leaders is less than abysmal :


CHSmith is a solid prescriber of what we individually need to do to reverse the nation’s decline :


The more US citizens know about their government, the less regard they have for it :


More discussion of the insane contradictions between our stated foreign policy goals and the means and ends in reality :


I called this “Pounding the Frame”, the big lie is assumed and the implications are discussed.  Clever, yes indeed Russia would like to get the sanctions removed, but sanctions didn’t prevent Clinton from selling off 20% of US Uranium production, so the truth of that doesn’t support the weight of the argument.

Certainly the most amazing piece of propaganda, so much falsity assumed true, big lies, that I have read in a month :


History keeps changing, this is the new view of the Battle of Stalingrad.  Enormous losses, both political leaderships screwed up the military and caused immense casualties :


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