Daily Reading #142

A video is worth 10 million words and all the clinical trails they won’t do :

The very long list of well-documented false flag attacks, showing that false flag operations are a normal component of statecraft :


The most rational discussion of the week’s political events, Comey’s testimony :


Trump is not decreasing the power of the Deep State, his mortal enemies :


Overall, Mr. Comey consistently does NOT get things right where it furthers the “Russia hacked the elections” story.  The impeachment threat is still insane, based on nothing real, but as real as the CIA’s corruption of Congress has penetrated, which we can’t know until the event. Congress is owned by oligarchs and the Deep State, we citizens no longer have any significant control of their actions :


This makes the point that Trump could have chosen to make Flynn’s case an entirely political issue by pardoning him, as that is within the President’s power :


Mueller, the new Special Prosecutor, former head of the FBI, is a paid-in-full member of the Deep State cabal, just like Comey.  Do you notice they never noticed 9/11? :


George Webb’s investigation of Molly Macauley’s death. Investigation has many slow spots interspersed with exciting leads. George has many internet researchers helping, so many more spots of excitement than most investigations must be.

The world will be permanently changed by George Webb’s investigation.  5th Generation Warfare, everyone collaborating via the Internet, and the Stasis Quo has no power to stop it, because every such effort is new leads that will point back at them.  Those are how we got here, remember? :










More examples of the government not working.  Afghanistan produces heroin, if the US doesn’t have troops in Afghanistan, there will be no control over who processes and distributes that heroin, the CIA will lose the profits :


People much more knowledgable and experienced than I am have been saying this for a long time. The worst crash ever is coming. Many institutions disappeared in the 2000 and 2008 crashes, e.g. the small foundation that gave nice scholarships to all the graduates from our High School. Accountants and bankruptcy attorneys will do well, but not the rest of us :



More craziness coming. It will keep Trump’s admin from focusing on the investigations, whether plan or just the criminal’s good fortune, and give the anti-Trump forces cover for impeachment. Webb’s people won’t stop, so the question is whether the Deep State can keep that from having a political effect, as they did with 9-11.  A major difference is that there weren’t many insiders willing to help for 9-11, that was too unclear and too dangerous. But a) 9-11 has happened and people understand how black is the Deep State and b) organ harvesting and child sex trafficking are worth taking the risk for :



Things can go downhill for much further :


The US has completely lost in Syria.  This is all rear-guard work aimed at saving as many ISIS as possible, so they can be shipped to the Philippines to continue the success in Mindanao :




Our government does not assess risks well :


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