Daily Reading #12A

I like context and perspective, this is great :


The FBI is not the good guys, whatever the PR :


Very excellent analysis of the blindness and hypocrisy on the left that allows the insane push to eliminate Trump from the political system :


This has a good analysis of the latest on Trump giving away intelligence sources :


The latest on the Seth Rich story.  The English Ambassador would be able to resolve this, he claims to have been the intermediary to Wikileaks :



“10 times cheaper”, electric vs oil-fuels, is complete BS, despite originating at Stanford.  The idea that we will abandon 100s of $Bs of investment in gasoline and diesel engines in a period of 8 years is not economic thinking. Nor is the idea that EV is intrinsically cheaper, the power has to come from somewhere, direct gasoline to motion is inherently more efficient than electricity generated in a power plant, 20+% loss in transmission and more lost going into and out of the battery.  In addition to the fact that the electric transmission grid couldn’t be improved enough in 8 years to support all of the EVs he thinks will happen :



Who is responsible for the WannaCry ransomware’s success? NSA for building the tools and allowing them to get loose, or Microsoft for building buggy software? Or all the people continuing to run old OSs and not patching their OSs religiously?

Everybody, obviously. Software has been such an enormous productivity enhancer people have been willing to put up with crap from Microsoft. Security issues will finally push everyone to Linux and OpenBSD :



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