Daily Reading #12B

The Deep State vs Trump is finally a legacy media topic.  I came to that conclusion, that the Deep State is the enemy, at least a year ago. I wasn’t the first.  The pieces of the CIA’s growing power and the associated power of special forces, public and private, have been exposed over a long time.  When you add it all up, and ask who profits from this long chain of events, well the CIA and those political powers that want to control US foreign policy and as much of its spending as possible. That includes all of the US’s special friends and their intelligence agencies and their special forces and military. Any sociologist would look at this kind of fraternization and expect information conduits to exist. What institution in the US has not been infiltrated and not used by the CIA and its friends as fronts for agents and cover for imports?

As the US has been infiltrated, probably so have all the countries whose police, military and intelligence services mingle with ours :


Indeed, the full-propaganda approach to ‘news’ endangers our nation, both by impeding the flow of knowledge needed for good decisions and because of the director of that, the Deep State :


The Seth Rich story is getting much more interesting.  He was almost certainly the Wikileaks source, and he was killed afterwards, the latest in a long list of people who died investigating the Deep State’s affairs :


Applying equal ethical standards to all sides in Syria :


Fabius Maximus is wrong that China has great leadership.  They are managing their economy. They are spending the nation’s wealth on a policy. It looks good now, but it isn’t bottom-up, locally-directed change. As a strategy for countering the US’s goal of world domination, excellent. As the best of the many opportunities the Chinese people could have used the money for? Of course not, it can’t even be close, we know how hard those kinds of optimization problems are, and how the answer is always in something unseen because the total system of nations, elites, economics, masses, trade, rising and falling value of currencies and goods, intelligence agencies and defense forces, control of the press and control of many of the countries of the world’s vote in the UN is seriously complex, meaning it isn’t predictable because of complex internal dynamics.

China has stored up problems with its centrally-directed economy and politics, however much it looks like unity to the outside world, and the nation is unlikely to last much longer than the US :


Who would have thought? Julian Assange wasn’t guilty of rape all this time the Brits have kept him in the Ecuadorian embassy :


Venezuela’s trajectory is like what most modern countries have gone through, moving from a mostly-free market economy to one heavily socialist. Particular conditions in Venezuela have produced much the same failure, they all ran out of other people’s money. Big nations have more wealth to squander, so last longer, which is why the US and Europe are still alive :


One of Alex Jones’ commentators stated that the special prosecutor was a brilliant strategy, that it is so open-ended it will be turned against the Democrats and Clinton, but meanwhile it stops much of the news on the subject of Russia and Trump’s colluding, which they didn’t, of course :



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