Daily Reading #129

The murders are ever-more blatant.  Hillary is CIA, or private equivalent :



The corruption is ever-more blatant. Not illegal, however. We put lawyers in charge of the laws.  Of course everything is prohibited, but not illegal if you consult enough lawyers :


This throws another wrench into standard security system thinking. Virtual Machines were intended to prevent processes from interfering with each other. This makes viruses between VMs possible.



Mish is as incredulous as I am about how insane the propaganda has become :


Explain all this to yourself.  If Trump doing the usual BS, bombing everything every other day day, he is approved of by all the legacy media, those failures of the Stasis Quo. Things he has possibly done right, e.g. not push The Wall, are cited as his failures, not his improving grasp of reality or the inevitable result of the oligarchs Trump selected to educate him.

Trump is not a politician, he did the normal thing and recruited by his network of friends and acquaintances. He selected Generals, based on someone’s advice, Trump isn’t the man to evaluate military leadership and capabilities.

We didn’t just select the man, the individual candidate, we selected their group of intimates. Trump’s are more personal than the average political candidate, more idosyncratic.  Good, we will be a better nation for the different points of view.

That seems to me to be conventional knowledge and perspective. We aren’t the first country to be suddenly ruled by a neophyte at the job. Modern bureaucracies surely must be as capable of adjusting as during the past ages, e.g. Divine Right of Kings, when a transition of power meant something very personal in the lives of people through their kingdom and a petulant child could be your new ruler. E.g. whether you had a place to live next week, job, income.

In comparison, modern bureaucracies are scarcely imperiled by Trump’s rise to power. The worst that could happen to any of them is to lose their jobs in a couple of years and have to move into another, growing, section of the bureaucracy.

But that leaves the question of how do you explain the reaction? The over-the-top interpretation of everything? Why are Generals making foreign policy, e.g. General Breedlove running all over Europe preparing for WWIII?

All this modern era stuff began with 9-11, known by all aware minds around the world to be a false flag operation that the US CIA and Israeli Mossad implemented and used to justify the Israeli-Neocon’s fragmentation of the Middle East. It was a continuation of operations that broke up Yugoslavia, all tied into Operation Gladio, the CIA’s criminal class operations throughout Europe The CIA’s control of the media has been in process for 50 years, and the CIA has a vast budget, both US and their own black operations in drugs and people and arms and influence. Someone’s control of the Justice Department and FBI is complete, there were 1000s of felonies committed in the runup to the 2008 economic crash and since. Nobody was even charged, much less served time. Ditto since, the banksters are a criminal class and need RICOed, none serve time, tho the Wells Fargo board finally  clawed back $125M from the woman who was proximally responsible  for the people who created the fraudulent accounts for customers, and another $41M from Stumpf, the CEO who was subsequently let go by the board. But nobody went to jail, and customers aren’t being compensated, so far as I have heard.

It is fairly obvious that the mafias around the CIA and other intelligence services are trying to expand their power, and that they are allied with the Israeli-Neocons, who hold signifiicant political power in this country via their positions in media, foreign policy and MIC and among the generals. Hillary Clinton was their candidate, and having anyone except their candidate in office is obviously upsetting those people, the media and politicians being insane are symptoms of that.

What plans are being frustrated? What risks does Trump present? Whatever, this approach is exposing the Deep State and its power like never before, because having the legacy media speak in such harmony for things that have no underlying reality to provide that synchronization is not possible, the fact of the stories being so consistent and widely repeated says human agency.  The only possible way for that to happen, so far as I know is the CIA, what other unified group with that power exists? There is no cabal of oligarchs who can speak with one voice. The CIA has bragged about how it can control the media, and there have been several books and recent confessions amplifying all that.

The stakes are high, human Freedom restored or permanent subjection as wage slaves with few choices.

That is the best case.  Suppose the idea is an exchange of EMPs, with the bunkers designed to ride out the aftermath of civilization breaking down as mass starvation thins the population to 10% of current numbers largely living in small rural towns. Too horrible to contemplate, nobody would ever think that?  You need to read more radical Green literature.  In that scenario, our elites could emerge 100% owners of the world, the only organized power. How small a cabal do you suppose it would take to engineer that?

One more small example of an aspect of all that corruption :


I must have linked to this before. A long and rational attempt at predicting the future, he finds it bad also. I do not agree, however, that you could fix anything by killing 100 people. That is simplistic, thinking there is a cabal, or even leaders of factions, so important as to affect everything were they to be removed.  Our military has spent 15 years proving how that theory doesn’t work.

But it surely does fubar the society, so if that is your goal, begin shooting people :


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