Daily Reading #104

Nicholas Taleb is rising in my estimation with everything I read by him :


Western rifle has a good summary of the reactions to Trump’s attack on Syria :


WRSA also always links to SLL. Here, Robert Gore reads the tea leaves, interprets them as showing Trump gained in the political contest via the attacks on Syria. Maybe, but he also thinks the Deep State not so strong. Imho, the long-term coverup of 9-11, to the point that it still has had no political impact anywhere in the world, says he is very wrong wrt the Deep State’s strengths.  Yes, we need to wait to see the outcome.  If not WWIII, more evidence that Trump is really intelligent in a political dimension, otherwise he is indeed an idiot.

Gore needs to understand biased random walk in real life, it seems to me. Winners generally win, whether their initial win was chance or not, whether any win was chance or not. Until their winning streak stops, they lose their mojo. That is the standard trajectory of most political careers, and the people who are after-the-fact judged obviously brilliant and at the top of their game aren’t so clearly different before the fact than the ones judged, after the fact, as lesser.

Meanwhile, wtf kind of civilization do we have when we allow a leader to take risks like this? This is an insane system we live within. It is far past time to do something about our insane government, the Israeli-Neocons and Deep State that are driving this are still trying to dominate the world and risking civilization :


A reminder of Trump’s base. This is the full ShadowBrokers letter to Trump, I linked to a zh version yesterday :


How has the issue of war or not been taken off the political table?.  The CIA-Deep State did that, and it isn’t to citizen’s benefit :







The H1B visa program only allows 85K new visas per year, but the number of workers on those and other work visas is over 1M. These visa programs also mean big $ for the companies that bring workers from overseas and rent them to corporations needing workers :


There is a lot to know abou spices, also :


I still think they are too optimistic about how fast autonomy comes to vehicles, otherwise this is rational. Electric cars are not at all green, something they don’t cover here :



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