Daily Reading #105

Mike Krieger has it right about the political realignment that is happening, needs to happen. The most rational of the ‘progressive’ sites are putting out the same diagnoses as libertarian and patriot sites, even linking to each other’s articles. That is a major trend, it seems to me.

Krieger is wrong in one way, the term should be ‘Stasis Quo’.  Our former Status Quo embraced change, had a dynamic element that these elites don’t want.:


This from Western Rifle today, as an example of the crossover, I also see them on Naked Capitalism. Earlier in the week, WRSA published a piece from Tom’s Dispatch. I have been seeing that since before the election, there is a natural coalition forming of people who hate these wars and see them as the end of the US :


And here is a Ron Paul speech 2009 on Zero Hedge :


Another zh. Mostly libertarian, but puts up red meat for social conservatives a few times a week.

The Generalissimo says the article is another confirmation of Discordian doctrine, that trying to impose order produces disorder as one of the fundamental principles of nature, the 2nd law of thermodynamics at the level of systems, and expressed in many folk sayings and science and engineering maxims such as Murphy’s Law. Libertarian philosophy and political theory are mere extensions of that Discordian fundamental understanding.

The Generalissimo has been filling my mind with that stuff, can’t shut him up :


Another War on the Rocks, illustrating again that the mere idea of a serious war against Russia or China is completely insane.  Does the term ‘electromagnetic pulse’ mean nothing to you? A few of those high in the atmosphere over the 6 continents would mean the end of civilization. It means that everything electronic stops working. Your car won’t work, and can’t be repaired, probably never. Your phone, computer, all stop working, along with the refrigerator, because an EMP takes out the electrical system. Tractors, trucks, elevators, hospitals, … all dead. You are permanently off-grid.  Are you ready for that? That is what the next nuclear warrisks, and if Korea has the capability to do even one EMP above the US of A, it seems to me that China and Japan and Russia have plenty of reason to deal with North Korea, we can leave them to it. Meanwhile, why do we have a military?  A CIA? Especially when our country can’t afford such foolish luxuries as additional ears and arms to implement the empire only our oligarchs benefit from? Get rid of them, and communities would have formed their defense units in a year, we know how to do that :


This is surely the most amazing piece of stupidity by an employee who deals with the public I have seen in a long time.  Being a monopoly means you don’t have to care. Being big means nobody does.

Even so, how can United not have an auction model for this? Their own employees would likely take some bid and find another airline or charter or drive.

One of the comments made the point that this kind of screwup means safety is being compromised.  QA theory : if you find a flaw, it means the system allows flaws.

Yet another reason not to fly, and another wonderful example of systems producing perverse consequences that work against their own interests :


Central bankers really think they know what to do, don’t believe in markets. I assume the conversation is some combination of pressure and signalling the BofE’s future easing, but you would have to be an English banker to understand the setting and language nuance :


This article is pure propaganda, even tho I think he is correct about Putin, Putin’s character, and the current state of the USSR being on its way up.  That truth is buried in a mass of social conservative rhetoric that equates every single advance in social thinking as the reason for the nation’s obvious corruption, our elite’s moral degradation and failure. I think it is a standard argument of social conservatives in every age.

But, really, what causes what? In the particular cases of pedophilia, it was our CIA that apparently has been promoting it around the world. And the Whitehead article below shows the government is equally out of control in every area.

Honesty, integrity and the backbone to stand up for them and perform your responsibilities even under extreme pressure are the virtues we can’t do without. Societies have existed with all other human vices in full view and nevertheless prospered.

I think there is no evidence that gay marriage or transexuals or drug use by citizens of any country are responsible for the CIA’s kidnapping and sexual abuse of children around the world, or any of the other corruptions in our government that we all seem to tolerate.  But I don’t think we are tolerating them, we just haven’t been able to change our government, to reform it.

We are, largely, tolerating our gays and drug use and abortion and …, all terrible things in different people’s value systems. But our concept of Freedom in this country has always been the freedom to be yourself and the responsibility to cause as little conflict with your neighbors as possible for everyone’s benefit.

Hard to understand why they do this to themselves. These idiots really think they can dominate the world militarily? Not even Netanyahu is that crazy:


This is the clearest explanation of the BS that is ‘global warming/climate change’ I have seen :


CHSmith joins the people reading tea leaves wrt Trump’s unConstitutional attacks on Syria. All I can say is that Russia and Iran are reacting as tho the attack was real, and why is it that words don’t work? Am I supposed to believe that Trump’s telling Li at dinner that the US was attacking Syria has more effect than merely telling Li not to push the US wrt the Spratleys? Is a clearer message? Trump can’t convince with words, so has to use symbolic actions, from which everyone learns the wrong thing?  E.g. The world’s most powerful military can’t take out a minor airport with 59 cruise missiles? That our cruise missiles have a high failure rate, or the Russian anti-aircraft missiles are 50% effective? Those are what I learned. I wonder what Li learned?


I heard a joke years ago, about the Russian ambassador to Austria being awakened in the night and informed that the French Ambassador had just died.  His first thought was “I wonder what he meant by that?” Does anyone keep track of their accuracy in reading tea leaves? In the accuracy of the receipt of the intended message? From history, no, because they are all really bad at it.  Hitler intended WWII, presumedly despite the Allies messages, but nobody intended WWI, Korea, Vietnam, … The messaging lead to the wars

Signalling by the movement of warships has downsides, it seems to me :


I keep saying we could not have imagined the US as it is 10 years ago. Not that it wasn’t like this in many ways, we just didn’t know so many of them :


I recall many people being accused of being RINOs or DINOs, but not people wanting to kick them out of the party. How can anyone think this is a stable system?  Standard end-game is the elites consolidate until the system collapses.  There will be many fewer $Billionaires after this next depression, too bad about the effects on the rest of us :



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