Daily Reading #103

The story on the ‘Syrian gas attack’ is unraveling, as we knew it would. Trump lost a lot of support in this :


This is an interesting and mostly intelligent discussion of the decline of the US Empire and the situation and politics of all that. I had not seen any of these people speak before. I am normally very impatient with people talking free-form like this, but these guys have enough info dense thoughts to make them worthwhile.

What a change from our legacy media! The moderator cites Charles Hugh Smith as an important source of ideas, etc.:


I was wrong yesterday, when I said the NSA wouldn’t have found out about the insider who made off with everything yet.  This makes at least two insiders, I believe, tho they probably don’t have everything.  Read the comments for a sense of a large number of Trump voters on the wars. ZH commenters have been strongly for Trump, although nearly universally turned negative a few days ago :


Taleb thinks the ultimate control of rulers is the threat of assassination. I think anonymous currency like bitcoin, Bunny Banger technology and KickEnder accounts will be part of that if we don’t get this system straightened out very quickly :


Yes, the US Empire and Stasis Quo is failing rapidly due to nonlinear interaction of cell phones + cameras + internet and everything else . I agree with him on Putin and Russian leadership in general :


The Saker finds the Archdruid, reviews his book.  Both people I like, although I often don’t agree with Greer :


“The problem with psychoactive drugs is fitting them into your life”.  No kidding.  Even romance drugs? :


More amazing new phenomena. The normal view of scientific discovery is that it increases knowledge. The proper view, the view that keeps us humble and so less likely to screw up, is that we are realizing the existence of new areas of ignorance :



Another mistake, and an entire bank’s network was taken over, customers gave their account details to the criminals. Bank doesn’t know the damage, yet.  I guarantee they use Windows, all businesses do.  Windows is not compatible with security, and can never be, because it isn’t bug-free and wasn’t designed with security as the first priority.

Linux isn’t perfect, but Linux security is far superior to any Windows system, because Unix was designed with security as the first priority, and Linux has many fewer bugs than Windows. OpenBSD’s code is far past Linux in reliability, and OpenBSD is delivered with everything locked down maximally by default, an administrator has to enable services and ports to use them :


Only one exploit of Windows? They weren’t trying hard :


Middle-class America has been fleeced. Working class America worse, and the poor much worse.  Of course, the professors of the world are rewriting history to cover up their ideology’s abysmal track record of management :




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