Daily Reading #40

Julian Assange “The Time Has Come”. Seems like he is talking to the UN. No live video. Does not seem like a healthy Julian Assange, I don’t remember him being so halting or so many mistakes. Also, I don’t see anything that makes it contemporary. Says he has a satellite link. The video is screwy, it seems to begin repeating at  ~20 minutes:

Another one that is ?new?. No, newly published, but older and I see nothing that says how old :

This one is a guy reporting that he called the Ecuadorian embassy, told them we knew John Kerry had threatened Ecuador with “extremely grave consequences” if they didn’t silence Assange, and asked them for proof of his living in health. They cut the call short. If you want to ask them yourself :




One rapidly concludes that a channel called “Breaking Wikileaks” is republishing old stuff that wasn’t even theirs, so must be ignored. But that noise campaign wasted nearly an hour figuring that out. Video is a very low-info-bit rate medium :

Seagate on CNN’s Jake Taper’s attacking people who think #Pizzagate is real. Shouldn’t do that for people with their own video following :

The counters to #Pizzagate are singularly blind. No mention of the Podesta-McCann connection, or the many connections of the people at the center of #Pizzagate, Comet Ping Pong and the Podestas and Clinton, to Satanists and pedophiles, or to Clinton’s attempt at smuggling children out of Haiti. New Yorker doesn’t allow comments, of course, as those tend to shame writers of drivil like this :


More mainstream outlets are attacking Pizzagate as Fake News and Alex Jones as a journalistic menace. None mention anything of links to Madelaine McCann, Satanists, child smuggling, etc, of course. Lots of attacking messengers and not much refuting the message, it seems to me :




Guardian is more sensible, except for the use of ‘fake story’. Good propaganda, many true statements mixed in with the lies and mis-direction. Yes, people do believe the hypothesis is a valid that there is a child trafficking ring being run from a pizza shop in Washington DC in which Hillary Clinton takes part. That fits with a considerable list and range of sources of facts. It is not proven to a legal certainty, but there is certainly enough information to pursue a legal investigation in order to develop a prosecutable case, and open investigation on the internet, going through public sources, is revealing new leads and connections at a high rate. This case is not going away, and try to cover it up throws doubt on these publications, not on the case :


Every one refers to this as a ‘false story’. Heavy commitment of MSM, guided by the DNC and Podestas, no doubt, to that meme and #Pizzagate being a prime example. Again, the DNC and Podestas guide a wide range of editors and writers with their talking points :


There are another 50 stories along the same line listed to a search for #Pizzagate on news.google.com. Many go after Flynn Jr. based on his pushing #Pizzagate in tweets and other places. None I scanned attempt to deal with any of the connections, they emphasize the innocent interpretations of ‘hankerchief’, ‘pizza’, etc. They don’t want people to think there is harder evidence, it is whitewash. This is interesting :


Modi is converting India to a very authoritarian police-controlled nation, very rapidly :


Our Deep State is sabotaging the State Department’s efforts to wind down Aleppo. In this case, they provided the ‘rebel forces’, all moderates according to our State Department, with the coordinates to a Russian mobile military hospital unit which was treating the many injured by militant’s shelling, which then had one Russian military medic killed and another 2 severely injured :


I decided I needed more ‘raw’ data to evaluate the problem of pedophiles in our society, so am watching a series “The Hunt for Britain’s Paedophiles” 3 parts of an hour and a half each :


Open-mindedness + scientific knowledge + leaning conservative bias you against accepting AGW and projections of climate models.

Open-mindedness + scientific knowledge + leaning liberal bias you toward those positions. Social science theoretical contortions follow to explain that :


Dallas is the first of many cities and states that will need to deal with this problem :


More Neuroscience :


This is a good overview of Mattis, very positive pick by Trump in this author’s opinion :


And another reason to view Mattis positively, he thinks Israeli occupation is apartheid :


Electronic sensors have a lot to learn from biology. The recent neuroscience review I linked to said that biology doesn’t understand sensors at all :


Spy vs Spy was part of the Mad Magazine that formed the political opinions of an entire generation :


City planning is an example of trying to manage a complex system, and works very poorly :


I watched the rest of “The Hunt For Britain’s Paedophiles part 2”. Again I conclude that police work is very difficult, interesting once you make detective, but the combination of bureaucracy, the legal system, screwy laws, screwy justice systems and the work itself are tough even for detectives. Two big improvements would be reducing the size of the bureaucracy via splitting things into smaller cities and forces, and somehow fixing the problem of police testifying against each other. Tho it probably isn’t any worse than lawyers testifying against each other, or preachers, most likely. My grandfather said that preachers had ripped him off any time he dealt with them.

This is a terrible topic, and videos are the right way to display it. Pretty clear our stupid culture doesn’t deal with sex well, and the inability to talk to our children about it is what makes paedophilia possible to continue, years these children do not tell their parents about the very bad things happening to them.

I hate the stupidity of the entire culture as displayed in this topic, my God we do nothing century after century.  Is it an accident that the Church has fostered all these attitudes that make paedophilia even possible? “If you tell your parents, they will take you from them”. So easy to defeat, but you have to be able to discuss sex and the possibility of such abuse with your children.

All that before the police and intelligence agencies use the info for power, not justice, the combination has spiraled our civilization and society into a rather degenerate state. Pray Trump is a good man :

Youtube insists that I log in to watch part 3. I don’t cooperate with Google, will try to find it someplace else, but already have another half a dozen such documentaries to go through, plus the book I bought on the subject. Hate the subject, it reveals much that is flawed in my species.

Found it by searching on duckduckgo.com, there are many alternatives to Youtube, dailymotion.com has it. Works fine, except that part 3 is actually part 2 again. But Part 4 is new. Lousy labels. And the BBC is shameless. In the first minute, they promise a body, make a big point of how bad the odor is in his terrible apartment, and 45 minutes in to the search, no body yet, but a long conversation with the man being arrested. Then they reveal that the next day, out on bail, the guy kills himself :

This is a very social crime, I oppose moving it into the criminal-legal system, as it moves too much power into their hands. We have seen the law enforcement organs in the US become dramatically stronger throughout my lifetime.

Not a criminal act need not mean unpunished. No, I think the local community, the block, could decide very well how to deal with these folks preying on their children and are perfectly competent to carry out any punishment.  The argument for giving the power to the central authority is that it produces more uniform justice. But it isn’t producing any justice at all for the great majority of those victims, and recividism is near-100%, only age or chemical castration stops them, I think. If abuse of a child leads as an adult for that same person to further abuse people, we are losing ground. If they systematically infiltrate the justice system, we are losing ground very quickly.

9-11, Sandy Hook, #Pizzagate, Wikileaks, $T defence budgets and this election says we are nearing a tipping point of some kind, none of this is even close to normal.


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