Daily Reading #3F

Julian Assange is a victim of arbitrary detention, deserves compensation for the injustice, and pleads to be let free :


Pat Buchanan notes the lies we have to worry about are not potential enemies, rather those of our own leaders and allies. He won’t mention 9-11, a massive lie from the US CIA and Israeli Mossad, but I will. One more time, if you believe the government’s conspiracy theory, it only means you haven’t bothered to look at the evidence, not that the government’s theory is true :


The first big event in our recent times that we could not discuss was 9-11, the next were the Sandy Hook hoaxen. I saw this one again and it reminded me. They can’t allow the most obvious lies to be discussed, and the fake news about fake news is part of that propaganda campaign, continued closing down of the political system :


Yes, these are attacks on a Trump administration as well as the rest of us. If they could get the correct Court opinions in selected cases, it would be very difficult for a Trump administration or the rest of us to resist the government propaganda. There is no way to stop the flow of information, the internet and all media content get into NKorea via large discs physically transported and copied. 1TB is now a small package, so I think it would be difficult to eliminate that as a source of opposition. They have fairly draconian laws and surveillance for child pornography and haven’t been able to stop it in any society, it just gets worse, so :


I probably included a few of these links of Charles Hugh Smith, but I am really impressed with his thinking lately, he has gotten better every year since I first ran across him :






Very excellent : an educated white woman who voted for Trump based on sound thinking :




This is great :


Parkinsonism may be a gut problem first :



Elites and commoners make mistakes of judgement, but different. How to get the best combination of  opinions ? :



This shows how little we know about cellular physiology in general and neuroscience overall. Big changes from when I studied all this :


A symptom of our failing civilization, growing emergency room drug shortages :


Discussion of the internet’s state, cyber crime, etc. There is a lot of propaganda in this, acceptance of ‘the Russians did it’ in various cyber breakins, which is not and cannot be known, but otherwise a good discussion :


It could be as described, and it could be an intelligence agency coordinating an info campaign. Why would a national intelligence group do tests as they describe ? Bruce Schneier says “Russians or Chinese”, but he gets paid by NSA/CIA and other government patrons, so I can’t trust his judgement any more. Also, more cameras in the world == more unique events record, and why would we expect that to end? It is combinatorics, the number of possible unique events is innumerable once the interactions go beyond a few dozen dimensions. Nature has fractile dimensions, complexity without end :


Again, I say that the easy way to oppose a government is to stop airlines and airports from functioning :


#Pizzagate stuff :


There is a ‘satanic cult’ overlap in #Pizzagate’s pedophilia which is even more of a rabbit hole than the links between pedophiles. Gunderson was big in that line of thought, but also, I find, in the stuff about chemtrails. I don’t know about chemtrails, at least the evidence for one major paper the Greens put together was faked when they first hit the alt-media. I don’t have time for either of those, but at least satanism cults being widespread would explain a lot, and may be co-extensive with the pedophile rings. Mere consumers of child porn probably are not satanists, on average, but one would expect any sex crimes big-city unit could answer that question.

I am pretty sure that other pagan cults are widespread, I see references to them every now and again, believe the Renaissance Faires are tied with those groups, although I can’t recite evidence for that at the moment, just people I know are into medieval weapons and Renaissance Faires seem to know a lot about paganism and a few admit being involved in ceremonies.

I should mention that there is continuing concern about Julian Assange’s state of being. Something is very wrong : it sounded like him on that recent interview, although I thought his speaking was not as vigorous as normal. Others decided it wasn’t him, and why no digital signatures on anything? Does the internet connection prevent all WiFi connections with Assange? And that doesn’t deal with why does he not show up at the window any more? Cat is still there. Etc. Something is very wrong, and we aren’t getting answers from people should care very much that everyone is reassured or not. All of us may be off-base for some simple and dumb and even obvious reason, but it isn’t our problem that there are no explanations.  Independent of our intelligence, it is their credibility and the credibility of wikileaks files that is being thrown into doubt.


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