Daily Reading #41

Another coverup. They do not mention the images of the Podestas in the McCann case, or all of the associations to known pedophiles. It is a very fair discussion, if you ignore the stuff they don’t discuss, there are indeed not yet specific criminal acts or specific victims attributed to particular people. Indeed, many people have died investigating previous rings of paedophiles. Also have not discussed the thread of satanism as well as paedophilia. Now I find that SkyWatch is a Christian station in the Ozarks, judge it very fair in producing a legal defense, but really inadequate in producing a plan for investigation. Good discussion of how to make your own kids safe. Now I find this is an extended advertisement for their programs to make your kids safe. Of course they are not going to discuss anything sensitive! All kinds of cultural currents in the world revealed on Youtube :


More insanity in the election. No kidding, the state of the nation is not what we think it has been, at least :


Seems like to me this is a high-stakes poker approach to negotiation that Trump is using :


Excellent analysis of the effects in destroying the middle class via financialization and financial control of large corporations : they pay dividends and do stock buybacks instead of investing in their businesses :


Only $125B in Pentagon waste over 5 years? They aren’t counting the F-35 fighter plane, a $1T program (current estimates) to produce a completely inadequate weapon system, one that is outclassed by several other airplanes already. We should end it and buy them from the Russians :


A big reform would be removing all of the subsidies of the Telcos and making them compete by breaking the cable and telco industries up again, forcing them to face new competitions fairly. They currently use the regulatory environment to protect themselves against competition, they wiped out an entire generation of startups in Metropolitan Area Networks by enduring $1M fines a week until the competition folded.  They have received $Bs in subsidies to build out broadband networks, but have not. There was a time when the cable companies were installing telephone systems, that has evaporated. I don’t follow the industry, so only see the outside, but the understanding that voice is a small portion of the total data stream, easily transmitted over the internet, is not new. The telcos both use internet signalling to transmit voice between COs because it is so much cheaper than the T3 links and make it very hard for services of sufficient bandwidth to support Skype along with any other services to reach customers because that would foster competition. The power of the government helps in all of these, of course :


Amazing propaganda from the left. Contrary to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which makes $10s of Ms a year in donations based on its lists of ‘evil organizations’, there is nearly no organized right or racist power as these assume. I believe the number I heard who are associated with David Duke is a few thousand, the KKK was always 75% law enforcement personnel, at least most of whom were not racists, rather reporting on the KKK and providing its dues to keep it alive as a threat and keep their overtime and payments from the SLPC as informers flowing. There are bad people, indeed, on all sides, but no organized groups with political power. There are many militias, I doubt that all of them are pure Constitutionalists, but they can’t have power until the government enables it by attempting to seize yet more of our civil liberties.

There are anti-semites, seem real, on all the forums making comments that mostly blame Jews for their control of everything including US foreign policy along with personal animus, but many more than people expressing anti-black sentiments. You read blame wrt not dealing with the crime and drug problems on the black community, or the intent of Black Lives Matter, or … but not so many ‘inferior because black’. They don’t have many people approving, generally many more seriously disapproving. Clinton gets a lot of personal abuse, but it isn’t sexist, it is because of who she has shown herself to be overy many years, she has a very bad reputation among political opponents. Not everyone of her general political views has such a bad reputation, you realize?

So I don’t think the forces of extremism in 2016 in the US of A are on the right, just the reverse. The supposed left is pushing for abrogating the 1st Amendment, all of MSM is pushing the ‘fake news’ fake news. They are all covering for #Pizzagate, trying to make it an example of ‘fake news’. It isn’t going to work, they are going to break their pick on this :


More paedophilia documentary. “Wonderland Club paedophile ring (Operation Cathedral)” is world-wide, first piece is in the US, and the justice outcomes seem a lot more certain and severe than in the UK, but the stories are equally awful, the scale enormous, .75M images, 12K unidentified victims. The only person identified was a Portuguese 8 year-old kidnapped and assumed dead. The British members got 3 years, which they won’t serve all, the Americans 10-100. The parents assume they are victims, not guilty of lousy parenting :


Youtube has many such, here is one inside the intelligence agencies of the UK and the rich and powerful. Dozens of children sexually abused for years. It is not as if all this is a big surprise to anyone who cares to know. But if news does not provide a social reverb function, it takes considerable outrage to have any political effect. That is the big advantage of controlling MSM.

This says the political worm has turned, and the new generation of politicians is using the issue to reduce the power of the old.  “Spies Lords, UK’s Political elite’s Child Sexual PREDATOR RING”. Very serious, very sad stories, very great evil. Hope Trump decides to clean house :


Another #Pizzagate article because Milo Yiannopoulos makes a point of not talking about it. The comments are very good, lots of links to paedophilia articles :


One of the links. It makes clear that it isn’t hard to find all of paedophiles in the world, a kid in BC did it very successfully. Is this why the FBI has the new power to break into computers anywhere in the world ? :


And the FBI did a version of this, doumented in “Operation Ore Documentary Part 1” on youtube, based on FBI information of the login information 7,000 people buying child porn, paid $29 / subscription including big rock stars and other famous persons. They followed up on 2,000 of them, this follows a single New Scotland Yard force that was given 700+. Big numbers, the demand for child porn is very high, and has been supplied. Horrible shit. To hell with professionalism in police and prosecutors, local outrage is the way to handle this. Bring back outlawry, justice and sentence administered by interested parties from the local community of victims and potential victims.  Amateurs on the internet have clearly been far ahead of the police and intelligence forces in exposing people and their crimes.

The Brits use paedophilia as their justification for no knock raids, Americans use drugs. The Brits are a lot closer to cleaning out paedophiles than the US is cleaning out drug dealers. Where are the numbers in the US? This was a 2013 video. Is this what was perking along underneath the rebellion inside the FBI that is said to have kicked off #Pizzagate via releases of Podesta’s emails to Wikileaks?

Interesting watching the media at work, constructing reality for the rest of us. Including the people who made this video, of course. We get to see Pete Townsend booked on suspicion of creating paedophilia images, not a happy time for him, and the video draws it out for almost 10 minutes, boring unless you like to see the rich and famous suffer loss of social esteem. We hear, but don’t see, the interview with police. He is credible in his story of ‘research’ and how easily you can get to pedophilia via a Google search. Google has been censoring everythign else, why ot that? At 58:52, I think he will get off, and a minute or so later, they let him go on bail, with further interviews after the computers are inspected.  At the end, he gets supervision for 3 years.

Case after that is someone who the police thought was setting up a web site to sell images. They arrest him quite forcibly as he stood in line to get a Holiday Inn room and he goes to jail. He doesn’t have any evidence, has to be let out on bail while they go through some evidence from other cases to which he was connected (tho I think no images came out of that). Then they arrest him again because he was going to leave the country and not come back. Then 9 months in prison, sex offender’s registry for 10 years, and 3 years of supervision for 13 images that I don’t know where came from.

Another case, 1200 images, no jail time, has to attend a rehabilitation clinic and is on the sex offenders registry for 5 years.

Some discussion with the police about whether mere child porn is inevitably a stepping stone to child abuse, I didn’t hear anyone defending that it was not a gateway drug, but I also didn’t hear any statistics. This was more BBC documentary  :


Meta-level on that video : the more I look at these things, the more I see British action and American lethargy. Very peculiar the difference between the many high level people being identified by police and exposed by the BBC vs only very low-level mopes in the US. No action for years and then #Pizzagate. That biases me to believing that someone in one of our TLAs (Three Letter Agencies) leaked the Podesta emails to wikileaks. Doesn’t answer what happened to Julian that so changed his communication styles. Conditions by Equador on further asylum? The events are linked, somehow.

This can’t possibly work. Their combined biases un-elected Hillary Clinton, recall? The internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it. China’s extensive control of their social media prevents instant outbreaks of outrage, but the information moves around anyway, and Chinese opinions are very likely less pro-government than ever. China has to devote ever-larger amounts of effort to controlling conversations on the net and in text exchanges, and people are very subtle in they way they pass information, probably more memorable than the orginal bald version.

Same on our internet. We don’t need to worry about the government so much as corporations censoring and biasing information. Those are exposed for anyone who wants to know, and drive people away.  I have found at least partial replacements for every service or information source that has driven me away from them, so everyone who cares will find replacements for the censoring sites :


I have to aqree with Bernie that Trump will not succeed, and that the oligarchy needs reduced in power by a lot :


State of the Democratic Party is the lowest since 1920. This is all due to the Clintons, as Bill Clinton started the move to pleasing Wall Street oligarchs :


“By any reasonable measure, mainstream media outlets were siding with the Clinton candidacy to an overwhelming degree, and their efforts met with public repudiation. It’s easier to wail about the menace of fake news than to let the ramifications of that massive institutional failure sink in. ” :


Trump has put the issue of ‘one China’ on the front burner as a threat to Mainland China, power in the coming trade negotiations :


The end-state of crony-capitalism, Bangladesh version just got a head start, skipping the free market phase :

Uber tracks you, if you let them :


I disagree with the social justice warrior position here. Google’s job is not guiding our culture, it is reflecting the network as it is. We cannot allow anyone but ourselves to censor reality in any way, the power will be used against us, always, there are NO exceptions in history. If you want good government, you must measure the government by its civil rights for civilians :

Another example of worsening government, requiring backdoors in encryption can’t work technically or logically, and just means people will use servers outside of Britain that automatically use secure links, it gives you no choice and your government can’t charge you for that, or some other clever evasion. This law will ultimately require shutting down the network as China has done. The FBI started agitating for the same kind of law in the US again in the last year.

No doubt the problem of paedophilia rings was an argument, but cases like that only require the ability to initiate a criminal investigation based on a report from an image like the kid above used, one that reports the IP address or some equivalent means of obtaining that information. No need to take over their computer. Of course, the NSA has already done that and has the lsit. That is power :


Every community, every religion, and they all cover it up :


Interesting new methods in biology :


Iran cannot be a military threat outside of the ME, and I don’t know of them using any subversion against the US in other areas, so these generals’ concern must be only for the ME wars we initiated. They both think Iraq was a mistake by the US, and we know that Afghanistan was a mistake, driven by Shrub’s need to distract from the False Flag nature of 9-11 :


The network censorship via controlling ads and search visibility can only be a short-term effect. They started this earlier in the year, all manner of sites were blocked by Google’s ad agency and slighted in their search engine. It was one of the early signs that our Establishments were aware of the growing rebellion, this is the second stage, and it won’t work either.

All that will happen is the major players on the network will reduce their own dominance by fostering competition. They are in a very free market, and nobody’s dominance of any sector of the technology world has lasted, not even Intel’s. IBM only if you focus on mainframes, now a small part of the computer market. There are already many ad companies, and I had people writing to me asking to advertise on my site. Probably very low rates and worse because of my low audience, but there is a market for advertising on every kind of web site and agencies to populate them. There are replacements for Google’s web searches and Youtube’s videos and Facebook’s social groups and reddit’s threaded discussions, people are using them to avoid surveillance and censorship of the giants. I believe that duckduckgo has done well as a company in exact proportion to people’s loss of trust in Google, the many secure email services also. I think many other video services other than Youtube already have enough content to keep me entertained and informed for more hours a day than I have, how could I choose except habit and ‘everyone does it’? Every transgression of reality by any of them fosters the competition. People do sort themselves out by values :


Death rate in Iraq continues horrendous, but now the UN won’t report them, the military having complained that it reduces morale. Kill the messenger tactics everywhere :


Many Clinton supporters are now part of Obama’s advisory group :


Another outstanding example of the motivated many outthinking their government :


Lawyers can’t sue for opinions on social media, although not every state has the anti-SLAP laws. This is very positive for people’s power relative to corporations :


The reason to oppose coal is not C02, it is the amount of heavy metals burning coal puts into the environment. The reason to oppose subsidies is that otherwise, we have no idea of relative prices, and it is not possible to make good investment decisions without meaningful prices. All of the environmental efforts have confused prices :



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