Daily Reading #34

I have not watched that much news video. That set of links lead me onto this one :

Watch it and the next. Effective propaganda because they both use MSM’s own words and images back at them. Whoever you favored, you need to understand what is happening. The media isn’t going to help you understand the media. Cultural currents don’t all happen by accident, and it takes work to  understand where they came from. I doubt there is anything official that produces stuff like that.

This is that next :

CHSmith’s latest. Smart and insightful, like usual :

Why Reshore Manufacturing? It’s the Only Way to Avoid Defective Pirated Parts

Russian political internals, same kind of thing Trump is facing :


I read this before, may have included it :


This is more evidence of the very illegal nature of much of our government and foreign policy apparatus :

‘Fake news’? CIA Director admitted to US Senate ~400 agents dictate fake news to manipulate Americans for rogue state empire, easily documented as ongoing ‘corporate media.’ This includes fake news to ‘cover’ US assassinations of President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin King

I liked Rep Tulsi Gabbard, D-HA. This says Trump met with her on Monday :

Trump’s Tulsi Gabbard Factor

Trends in inequality of wealth continue to worsen :


#Pizzagate is gaining steam because of the connection with the Podestras and Clintons and the background concern about pedophilia. The evidence is much stronger than it was, given the Madelaine McCann case and suspects and the FBI agent’s statement that they were in Portugal, so I was wrong about being wrong, I now think :


That is getting more complex, they just found steagonographic documents inside of John Podesta’s emails.

Abby Martin on John and Tony Podestra, taking their cut of the Clinton’s money flow, fellow criminals with the Clintons :

Words are innocent. It’s the uses that you put them to that can be harmful or not” George Carlin. Swearing is indicative of a larger vocabulary, according to this professor :


Styxhex on Pizzagate has a good opinion,  better than mine in some ways :

This is an interesting article analyzing FB and other social media and the incentives they provide everyone, including external sites. FB isn’t good for minds, however good it is for your social feelings. FB trains everyone to be extremists and conspiracy theorists. Really :

The “They Had Their Minds Made Up Anyway” Excuse

Why we need an anti-monopoly law, not an antitrust law :

When Did Americans Stop Being Antimonopoly? Q&A with Richard R. John

Clinton’s campaign discusses the lost election and why :


No, I do not believe Trump is racist or sexist or … because smart people have gone through the evidence and don’t find any despite the repeated assertions throughout the campaign, but this guy get the very smart politician right :


I am not sure what I think about all this. Conditions change, people move to adjust. The most startling thing about the modern age is the rate of change, not the amount of upset the changes cause. The amount of the total upset caused by rich idiots is new, it used to be wars and armies :


A very soft life to two people at the top of MSM and banking. How can they not be out of touch with ordinary people ? :

Nicholas Kristof’s Burden: First class travel and $30,000 speakers fee makes reporting on poverty easier to endure

Anti-aging research is going too slowly, imho :

Bad news for Peter Thiel and others pinning their anti-aging hopes on the blood of the young

This is the first cutback of military spending in the US alliance I have seen :


Stein got the $2M needed to recount Wisconsin. The justification for the recount is that places with voting machines gave Clinton 7% fewer votes than other counties. There must be other differences between the two classes of counties, has anyone looked at that ? Perhaps the excess Clinton votes were the issue because of vote fraud?

I predict what they will find, if they look in enough states, many fake votes for Clinton. I know of no evidence votes have been stolen for Trump, but there was lots of evidence of that for Clinton, the campaigns were known in the White House according to Project Veritas. Nothing was clean, we know from Podestra’s email :


Clinton is behind that obviously. If Trump doesn’t prosecute her and all her clan, he will really regret it. I hope that #Pizzagate ends them all.

Good for Kellyanne Conway wrt Mitt Romney. I looked at some of Romney’s business deals, the man was not doing legitimate business. His investment firm took huge fees from the companies it bought and many of them went broke :


Anticipating Trumps problems with the bureaucracy :


Trump certainly cannot Make America Great Again, but he can stop the slide fairly easily by repealing a bunch of laws. Just putting his own people into the bureaucracy won’t be enough, anything administrators do is reversible, as the Leftists are about to find out.

Even  stopping the slide won’t be easy, because there are so many different measures. E.g. killing off enough of the MIC budget to get the budget under control means closing many bases around the world and putting people out of work throughout the US. But that is going to happen because we can’t continue spending the way we are, and Trump is going to be hit with the budget problem as the FED raises interest rates.  So Trump is going to face very hard budget choices, like which no President has since FDR. :

Good for Kellyanne Conway wrt Mitt Romney. I looked at some of Romney’s business deals, the man was not doing legitimate business. His investment firm took huge fees from the companies it bought and many of them went broke. Baine Capital was a facade over a pirate ship :


Anticipating Trumps problems with the bureaucracy :


I hate his CIA pick, otherwise Trump is a good President, so far :


Ron Paul’s list of fake news sources and reporters :


I read this stuff written by people of very different circumstance about our shared world and find so much bad thinking. This is the standard Progressive-leftist output.  It is very good one human beings and our shared social order.  It uses that excellent understanding to argue for a central solution, a government assistance to correct the many imperfections in people and situations. Our current many failures are a result of the cumulation of those fixes over 60 years, but their only solution is “pass a law, make the world a better place”. No, we are now making the world a worse place from the cumulative complexity and we have destroyed planning because we can no longer have any understanding of fundamental prices. What is the cost of money, steel, gasoline, … The layered taxes and subsidies on everything literally make it impossible to know what things really cost. What he accuses of being ‘capitalism’ is certainly not :


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