Daily Reading #33

This backed out of my initial belief in #Pizzagate. Too bad, it would have been a very juicy scandal. I could still be wrong, but despite firm evidence connecting a few of them to sex crimes and evidence of all the people mentioned in the film being involved in something strange, the evidence is too tenuous for most of the people connected to be investigated, I think. OTOH, look at this, which ties the Podestras into kidnapping.


OTOH, the Podestras are back into that pot, and I believe they were tied in with many of those people. I could still be wrong on #Pizzagate, I had not seen the link to Madelaine McCann until today, to see that you would have had to been part of the 4chan or reddit discussions.

This is our government trying to get a war going in Syria, with Russia. A ‘no fly’ zone already exists, Russia set it up, operates it, owns it. If the US wants to fly there, we have to have Russia’s opinion. Changing that situation will require killing Russians. My government is insane :

War with Russia? US politicians close to approving ‘no-fly zone’ in Syria

This is a recounting by 3 of the reporters who were in the Trump ‘briefing’ on Monday. They were surprised. Trump is a politician, we find :

No question, there are many cascades with triggers in the financial system :


IMHO, Turkey is not one of the well-lead countries in the world, Erdgoan is a serious criminal. OTOH, we need to tolerate rulers because of the people, the US gets that benefit of the doubt often. Losing Turkey entirely to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is not good for anyone. Good for Russia, they are playing their hand very well in this game, the world is not in greater danger so far from their moves :


WRT to Standing Rock and the pipeline protest, that is indeed brutal repression by the government. Good for the Veterns who are standing up to it and helping publicize the issues :

Hundreds of Veterans Heading to Standing Rock to Defend DAPL Protesters from Police

Standing Rock oil pipeline is many problems combined. This evolution focuses on the policing issue :

Hundreds of Veterans Heading to Standing Rock to Defend DAPL Protesters from Police

This background on Soros is interesting,  I don’t see that tells much about Soros’s actions or motives :

The 60 Minutes Interview George Soros Tried To Bury

Youtube gives me Johnathan Pie links. This was good :

This is a great example of why you have to consider ALL of the alternatives, and making it obvious that it is hard to list all of the alternatives. I wasn’t sure of his opinion, wanted another test of my engineer’s consciousness which says the smart ones share one general opinion. Basically, did he think like me? I. If I see a better understanding, I adopt it. I assume they do also. It is the rational mental set, it is forced on any interested mind, and scientists and engineers and mathematicians generally have the most interested mind filled with the kind of mental training that produce people who think like me.

So I stopped to listen to his video :

Styxhex is an interesting mind, that was an interesting view. He doesn’t think like I do, found an alternative to adopt I didn’t see, in my myopic technical view of how simulations work and what that must mean for the science of global warming. So he thinks better than me in some ways, more exhaustively listed all of the alternatives as a first step. His is an argument of system time-constants : no amount of effort would turn it around fast enough, so either AGW is wrong or it doesn’t matter. He is wrong in that, fixing it tomorrow would save more species than later, but who knows what will exist at the end of the ice age?

I wonder what the biggest systems we have simulated are, outside of extremely regular ones such as astronomy. There are probably partial simulations of many elements of something like a nuclear power generation plant. Perhaps some of the simulations of airliners, engineering of those would benefit from a complete system simulation. Those are not particularly large or filled with unexpected events

I have spent a lot of time today going through all of the pedophile scandal. I believe it for underage teenagers, I think there is plenty of evidence. That evidence is increasingly solid, and the new article yesterday tying the Podestras into a sex ring seemed sourced. Big crime going on and strong hints the Clintons are involved.

A comment on this page by dannoone had a list of links I went through today :


Out of more than 20 links, I found two I found 2 that were not no-source posts. The first of those was a link to a 4chan thread in July having to do with the Weiner email problem. It claimed to be from an FBI insider reporting the growing rebellion inside the investigation, which was focused on the Clinton Foundation and a pedophilia ring.


This is that 4chan thread, tho not cleaned up at all.

I read that back over, I think the information was largely accurate relative to these later sources of information. Many posts claimed their rumors came from the NYPD. This first claims to be an FBI insider who says that the Podesta brothers were in the Portugese town when Madeleine McCann disappeared. That does not make #Pizzagate real, but it certainly puts solidiity under the theory :

FBI Insider: Clinton Staff Linked To Madeleine McCann Disappearance

There are a ton of people out of the various internet communities who noted the Podesta’s similarities to the suspects in the Madelaine McCann kidnapping. This is supposedly an FBI insider saying the Podestas were in Praia da Luz, Portugal the day she was kidnapped :

For some reason, I think the guy who does this site is associated wit hAlex Jones’ InfoWars :

WEINERGATE: “NYPD Detectives Were Sickened By What They Saw”

Not my favorite source, WorldNewsDaily, but the NYTimes doesn’t publish any of this stuff. The sites like usdefensewatch were publishing all of #Pizzagate several days ago, and pieces of the Weiner, etc investigation since before the election. Many people inside the NYD have been leaking, I think. Of course, I can think of other ways of making the same thing happen, and it is a duplicious world, you know.


I just copied this from NakedCapitalism. That very Progressive, very anti-gun set of writers just acknowledged that it is a bad idea to tempt gun owners to mass action. Very first time I have  seen so much sense on this topic on NC :

Hillary Clinton urged to call for election vote recount in battleground states Guardian. Lead story in the US edition. This is pathetic sore loserdom. Hillary conceded. You’d have to overturn results in three, more likely four states. Romney’s team was ready to go to contest the results in 2012 but gave up on the idea when it was clear they’d have to dispute more than one state. The Electoral College vote is December 19, far too close given the failure to act. And if anyone were to try to go ahead regardless, Trump voters own guns. Lots of guns. This would be the event that would rally gun owners who assert that gunz protect their rights but heretofore have done squat to act, en masse. What happens to our vaunted democracy if, say, a judge who issued an injunction, or the lawyer filing the case, were shot? Expect that and tons worse.

5+ in a row articles I read were too bad to finish.      Ron Paul says “Secede from the centrally-planned school system” :

Trump may be trimming the agencies with fingers in the climate pie :



Crowdfunding in Russia is boosting the economy :


Production costs are lower in Russia than in China. Considering transport costs, likely true :


Fishing rights and native rights in conflict :


This reveals an interesting mechanism in forming natural arches :



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