Daily Reading #35

It is worth watching this, frustrating that it is to hear this idiot woman argue, just to hear what the social justice warriors are claiming. Irrational in the extreme. Some Black Guy is another one of the vloggers who is changing the culture, and are collectively responsible for Trump winning. I think some of them are making a living at this. He has youtube videos with 200K views.

I just spent half an hour going through the results of Richard Charmin’s election analysis. Based on contradictions between the votes and the exit polls, he presents evidence that Trump won all of the battleground state, and did very much better than reported even in states such as California, where he lost by 5%, not 25+%. Clinton’s votes were taken from Stein, among others, which I assume is the reason that Stein is pushing the recounts. That makes more sense than her doing it for Clinton, I think. If so, it isn’t Soros’s money, it is other people who want to clean out the Democratic Party. This may be a very virtuous effort, in which case we should appreciate Jill Stein :


This says eliminating the FDA is important to economic recovery :


This discusses the WaPo article that reports the flood of ‘fake news’ includes a large component of Russia’s input through 200 web sites in the US, including Ron Pauls, zerohedge, … They claim a study by Rand that followed individual phrases through different publications to show links of ownership and control. I saw no evidence, haven’t read the Rand study.  But, I simply do not believe it. I read and watch Ron Paul frequently. The idea that that organization is much influenced by Russia is ludicrous.

Besides, it isn’t that kind of blogging that people are reading. People are driven by arguments, if you don’t have intelligent points of view people don’t read your stuff. There are millions of bloggers commenting on everything, all in competition for readers and viewers. All of MSM is losing influence relative to those, why would Russia be in a better position?

The major alternative media sites such as RT and Al Jazeera got their reputations by producing intelligent news, not by better propaganda. That is why ‘Russia’ has influence. Our MSM should try it.


Global warming has been an intellectual fraud, group think, the story has not held together and has required ever-more patches, now including adjusting the actual temperature records. The end of the story is being written now, and Lord Monkckton is publishing a paper revealing the latest flaw in the calculations of the multiplier effect due to CO2.

This is a good talk, lots of big-picture, including 6+ million people dying from not having electricity. Cold is much worse for people than heat. Skeptics hold the moral high ground so the socialists in France banned the teaching of logic :

He published a paper showing the supposed ‘concensus’ is exactly wrong, the claimed concensus is in itself an example of their fraud :


The case for global warming is entirely fraudulent. Even if the models were corrected and included the very latest atmospheric chemistry and ocean chemistry and interactions, they are models. Models are not reality, they are digital simulations of reality. Digital models of any kind have limitations imposed by computers, and are fundamentally different from reality, which is fractal dimensions and contains chaos, both very large differences. Models therefore have to be validated, and validating a model of the future requires waiting for that future. There is no short-cut. I have been saying this from the beginning of the debate.

We contrarians are on a roll of late.

Also, the internet researchers are on a roll in the #Pizzagate case. This reveals the continuing connection with Dennis Hastert, among other things :

This covers all that and also the disinfo campaign to debunk the internet research efforts :

This is the last straw. It will end this cycle of political repression by the oligarchy and the overgrown bureaucracies in DC.

Anonymous has an official voice and is discussing Pizzagate, I had not known :

Wikileaks has an email proving collusion between Clinton and one of the Superpacs. She will yet end in jail,if there is any justice in the world at all. Email #17720 in the latest wikileakds dump :

Now Youtube has various retired officials connecting their old cases to #Pizzagate. International in scope, it seems :


One thought on “Daily Reading #35

  1. “This says eliminating the FDA is important to economic recovery”
    I’d like to read that article, but it sure ain’t gonna be on John Mauldin’s website.


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