The Usual Disclaimers and The Ways Of The World

The Usual Disclaimers*

A new disclaimer, which I will probably improve and add to all ‘light entertainment’-level analyses such is this is going to be.

Be clear, the work of thinking I am doing in writing this blog post is fully up to my usual excellence.  I just want to take it easy in this next part of it, be insightful and mildly entertaining while making some serious points.  Like the very best blogs normally do, and MSM rarely rises to, but that is part of the point in this.

Did you see that transition?  I set you up to expect and accept what comes next.  If I pointed out such things consistently in this post, I could display my most careful thinking process, be way better than most any of the analyses that drive our civilization, and still be wildly wrong.  In fact, I have one of those coming along, it is hard work to write it, supporting every point a couple of different ways.  Even so, it is cherry-picking evidence, and I cannot absolutely swear all of the things I cite are true, I am depending on on-line reputation and a lot of reading to make judgments.  Chain of referential type safety of the ideas has not been established to a foresnsic, court-acceptable level.

So ‘light entertainment mode on this blog’** mode is I move all that caveat to the disclaimers, and get on with normal blogging thinking and organization, OK?***

The thing that started this blog was another bit of something and everything, to be mined for understanding of our current realities.

Obviously, Bill and Linda Gates captured-got captured by advisers and now only hear what doesn’t lay blame, which the last post noticed is a defining feature of bureaucracies, the built-in response to blame, much like an organisms flinching from pain producing sources.

And then, the usual combination of messianic zeal and messianic greed kicks in, both of those are primal forces and what a man wants he can get in proportion to his money and will.  Advisers are easily bought. Lots of money in education? is true.

More than that I cannot evaluate, too much work would be involved to dig through a morass of documents. Some author must have done so.

But I believe my interpretation of the way billionaires work is probably good, it is the way kings worked.  They could dispense largess and expect things to go their way, and opposition was punished by favors denied and favors taken back or redirected.  And they did those things when they expected a profit on the deal, profit in the game of politics or commerce, in those days they were the same thing.  Attacking an adjacent kingdom was expected to produce more revenue==power.

We are so much more sophisticated in modern times, we know the costs are much lower and success much more certain if we start with philanthropy at the level of local ladies auxiliaries.  If true, that story’s description of the process makes it seem crude, compared to the version control on reality I am working through in my next blog.

No kidding, where is the world on all this stuff? You do more than scrape the paint off any story from the direction of our government, it seems to me, and the questions are endless. Also lots of business, and probably most of the gov business interfaces. There are so many exposés of that.  Every major city in American has had 4 cycles of reform becoming corrupt.  I believe some southern cities never came out of the first. Those are measurable costs of bad social models, sets of memes in our heads.  We need to do a better job on thinking about those models.

Why do we not read system-level considerations of any of this?  Corruption is never dealt with in a way that doesn’t focus on the local, the frame prevents any possibility of changing our systems.

Things have not changed at that fundamental level of people being people in groups.  I believe, as strange as it is in the modern world to think so, that people really haven’t changed so much from our caveman forebearers, documented at great scientific blogs like this one here.****

If people have not changed in inner mental workings, if the wiring that makes you feel really this way or really that way, in all of the variations humans minds seem to enjoy, hasn’t changed, maybe some of our many problems are a result, perhaps indirectly on multiple paths, of a conflict of our social groups and social expectations and food and work and inner primate, the psychological stimuli of swinging through the trees denied us by sterile city environments and especially schools.  You know, that hippy stuff that all the kids believe in now.  Who was it who went into teaching back in the day?  Hippies who didn’t want to starve, I bet. How did that supposedly-freedom-loving crowd go so wrong?

No kidding, the loss of potential that the very many ways to go wrong demonstrated among our friend’s children growing up, and exploited by new cohorts every year, and the astonishing mental aberrations visible in parents wrt priorities in school and life, it is sort of hard to believe we aren’t pretty screwed up as social individuals.  Sociopath is you, you know?

Do you do enough to sooth your inner proto-human?  We have primitive people still left in the world, we could ask them how they avoid so many of our social problems.

Easy to do Lebowskis down that line of thought all day, I think, every day.  There are a lot of things that are not being thought about or experimented with, and so many people are dying because of stupid thinking and wrong questions it makes you want to cry.  This society is not being honest in thinking through any of its important problems.  Sleep walking to the cliff.

You call that a civilization?

So while our for-the-moment masters sleep, we peons had better get ready for the cliff.  Ropes of trust in many different tensile strengths to diverse anchors would be good.  It is all one world and humanity is one people of low genetic diversity, we can’t afford to lose any of us, we should remind ourselves often.

*Reasoning is Low Precision so you can’t see important things in the future.  Add the caution about all the propaganda in this, especially the footnote.  Don’t skip the new discussion above about ‘light entertainment mode’, that is a distinction you should contemplate adopting in your reading, and I remind you I am trying for World Domination of my set of ideologies wrt thinking carefully and therefore clearly.

You can’t say I didn’t warn you if you are taken over by my ideas, I kept telling you about how all authors want to do that, and how very good I am at it because I seem so honest, so trustworthy, and make it all seem so very plausible.  Exactly what indicates the maximum danger to any alternative ideas you have in your mind.  I am not forcing you to choose, be clear about that, in fact advise against it, test alternet sets of ideas against reality in thought experiments or natural experiments you can extract from your memory. No hurry, wisdom is sometimes slow, and even math doesn’t find it easy in rigorously-defined problems.

Our world is a lot sloppier in meaning of words than math is, so expect it to be really hard to get things really right. This situation confuses even me.  Scary.  You can be taken over by your own ideas, you know? Lots of checks against real realty, right? In right mind, right?

**Again, making this blog and its wondrous thinking more important in your mind, giving myself face validity, making me and my wondrous ideas real in your mind.  If I slip that past your censors, you will more easily accept a slightly more outre idea, and so on in a progression.  Systems fail in cascades starting from a small problem that is not properly fixed, and the consistency of the whole gradually unravels.  Be careful that is not your mind, really really, ideas are damn dangerous, they destroy societies if not carefully verified for safety of you and your fellow humans.

By the way, that style of thought is a subversive idea, you should check it carefully for safety of use in your neighborhood.

***Made myself important again, and sucked you into mentally interacting with me.  The first breach in your mental defense, I elevated my status, my permission level, my reality in your mental universe a lot.  You have to be careful of this stuff, I will have you believing I am a nice and honest and trustwory guy soon, and then you are lost.  Can’t say I haven’t warned you.

****I admit it, that went over the line into self-aggrandizement, with marginal actual connection to this post, unless you think your genetic future is important.  Sorry. Standard disclaimer here, right?  Always add the discliamer, don’t take any of this seriously without serious thought about how a world could work if you thought any of it was true.  Add that disclaimer, and your mind will hang together and your progeny become great.  Beware of ideology bearing futures.

Also, that statement is still solid science, wouldn’t try to fool you about reality, my guiding light.

—–Another goal would be to cripple your ability to think un-critically.  Thinking like this can really change your mind, former friends may shun you.  For example, if you ascend to the level of thought that identifies the organization of this post as that of a program, you have a good understanding of the author’s pov. And are thus especially susceptable to the message. You can’t say I didn’t worn you.

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