Conserving My Neanderthal Heritage

Ever since the Neanderthal genome was sequenced and it was proven that my African ancestors migrated into the Middle East, met Neanderthals and mated them, I have been proud of my Neanderthal heritage.  My European ancestors have more of the Neanderthal genome, one of the oldest and the largest-brained and most robust of our ancestral races, than any other ethnic group.  The Neanderthal genes we Europeans share is proof that our ex-African ancestors were the strivers, always searching for new horizons, or pushed from our ancestral lands because our genes and culture produced more babies than the local ecology could support.  Having surmounted all of the very many obstacles nature put in our path over many generations of travel, when we got to a country with different people, we engaged in social interchange and sampled their genetics, inevitably superior to ours because they were adapted to the country’s diseases and parasites, we weren’t.  We recent-Africans, now Europeans, kept 2.5% of the Neanderthal’s genes on the average, with some groups, e.g. Sardinians, up to 4.5%.  Europeans have retained about 50% of all Neanderthal genes.

We are descendants of  people who were were pioneers in social exploration.  Special, ancestors to be very proud of, superior to others races on earth, because they are proof that my people mongrelized early and often and are the result of a long line which successfully managed its own selective breeding, every generation choosing the strongest, most beautiful and most intelligent mates with the most social and physical resources, then having as many offspring as possible.

As the latest reproducing member in my tendril of that awesome genetic Neanderthal + African lineage, I want it to continue forever. This is important, this is my life strategy for passing along my genetic heritage. There can be no greater quest, it is the only immortality* I am going to have.  Thus, doing my part in choosing an optimum mate for my son is a key issue in propagating my genes : I want the best genetics and the most wealth and safest environment for my grandchildren.**

I am now in analytical hard-ass-mentat mode to consider this important problem, the next best step in my line’s selective breeding program.  As usual, this is a ME and MINE-centric analysis.  Other humans may be useful, exploitable resources, genetic and otherwise.

I read widely, looking for lessons.  Learning To Speak Lingerie is powerful instruction.  I learned to be even prouder of my Neanderthal heritage.

Do read it, I’ll wait.

Skip this para if you did, it is a synopsis of one side of the story : Chinese couples move all over the world, recruited by family members to start new businesses in a strange land that needs Chinese doing business for reasons of national presence on both sides.  People are willing to go, life must be hard in China.  The new recruits get the new store another 40 miles up the road from the nearest Chinese family. In this family, the new life is standing in your store long days dealing with Egyptian families bringing their daughters in to buy the $300 worth of lingerie needed for their daughter as a bridal gift.  In good grace, learning Egyptian Arabic as you go. The Chinese are perfect selling such products, as they are very neutral about the culture of Egypt, no opinions at all, do not offend and can’t be offended by anything.  They are stoic about their own many problems.  Very hard working.  But things can get better for these Chinese business families, and they can start new businesses, e.g. a plastic recycling operation.  When you have the cash flow, you help your family back home, recruit more family to come to Egypt and run businesses 40 miles up the road.

A traditional Chinese family strategy, I think.  The first Chinese hit the new world before any English, brought by the Spanish to replace the Indians who kept dying of the pox.  Some of Mexicans’ high cheekbones are Far East, not local Native American.  Very much a modern version of our out-of-Africa European ancestor’s strategies, Chinese families merge with the local cultures wherever they go.  Chinese in diaspora have done exactly what our ancestors did, ran a gauntlet then selected from local genes.  Very successful race, the Chinese, also genetically diverse as a result of this individually-directed genetic strategy.  They make themselves available to local cultures, China and the local cultures both win, Chinese genes percolate through local populations and foreign genes percolate back into mainstream Han populations.  Genetic winners tend to mingle.

This is the same story, different age.  Another interesting point : Mexicans are genetically diverse.  Heterosis is the concept,  ‘hybrid vigor’, the physiological advantage that often (not always) comes from cross-breeding strains of a species, or subspecies, even species.***

This is why Mexicans are moving North.  Their genetic heritages are winners.  They have the advantage of genetic variation, they are going to be the people that on average breed a bit better, are a bit quicker at picking up a social situation, are better at cooperating with others, better workers.  Sharper.  More enduring.

Fortunately for intelligent and farsighted selective breeders such as myself, our laws are stringent in selecting the best of the new genetic mixes by the hurdles and problems we create.  E.g. the drug laws that make their countries warzones and hellholes, one-sided trade treaties that destroy their farms and business.  Thus, the best, most adventurous decide they need to immigrate, which is where the real selection happens as we run our variously various genetic mixes through obstacle tests.  You know, like riding on the tops of trains up across Mexico, dodging the railway police and bribing them if they have the money.  Then make them negotiate with criminals to get guidance across a desert that kills quite a number of their fellow migrants every year, a fearful risk that selects the brave, the desperate.

Some of the genetic mixes survive our gauntlet and arrive in some American city.  The tests continue. People take advantage of them at every turn, and if the cops catch them for some random thing, the mixes spend some time recovering in jail and get sent back home.  Unless a prison official decided they need some work done in some prison factory, and there could be problems making the arrangements.  Could take a while for the genetic candidate to get back home and ready to try again.

I am so pleased at the duration and stringency of the filtering, the culling of the unfit.  Even when the candidate is established in a city, the tests continue.  He stands down by the Lowes every day, day labor.  $10 an hour.  Not a lot of money, but if he endures, doesn’t get hurt, doesn’t get sick, he can live and send a bit of money back to the wife and kids, who have been helped by other relatives who got to the US. All of our genetic candidates hope to get their families up there in a few years, are willing to experience this time of orienting themselves to a new culture, this is a long-term strategy for them.

I support all of the anti-immigrant candidates because the higher the barriers, the more stringent the selection, the better the prospects for my grandchildren.  I think we need a wall and minefield, to select for Einsteins.

So our test case learns a trade, works his way way into a better trade, finally has enough resources to get wife and kids into the US, tickets this time and the best way over the border.   Both work at anything that comes along, work their way up to janitor, having accumulated the bribe money to get those jobs.  Eventually the family moves north to a cousin’s home in in Omaha City.  They have a garage and restaurant, need the help.

Those kids grow up in American, but are lower class, meet the lower-class Mexicans in high school.  Completely different ethnic background, but a couple of generations later are middle class with grandkids marrying across every ethnic boundary, just like all other varieties of Americans.  Sadly, most of their genetic advantages for my Neanderthal heritage breeding program have been lost in that mixture.

That is the world my son must be adapted to if he is to maximize my genetic heritage.  Think you can hold them off?  Be serious, they are already here, all around you.  Good people, striving and many doing well.  Some criminals, indeed, every new ethnic group has brought its own with them, and they always do more damage to their own groups than outside.  Terrible thing our drug laws did to all of North and South America, them and us both.   And yes, a criminal subclass, tho you have to admit most of those have been bred in America.  We had something to do with their creation, whether they finished high school or were forced out earlier or the formal economy so lousy there was no way up for them.  Our banksters screwed the world’s economy and we are all suffering for it, and will for a long time.  Be careful where you point your anger.

Adopt any attitude you want, the reality is here and the future begins here and now.  My advice is to protect your genetic heritage, all of you fellows in Neanderthal heritage, and to do it with the proven strategy : miscegenate boldly, genetically and culturally.

Racists and mono-culturalists this generation will miss out, will be supplicants in future generations’ marriage and babies sweepstakes.

Penalty for being a racist or mono-culturalist is delaying implementing your optimal genetic propagation strategy for a generation or 2.  I have a much better chance**** of being a genetic giant like Genghis Khan than they will for 2 reasons.  First of all, my son is playing a better hand as a rising young man in manufacturing as America recovers relative to the lovely immigrant daughters.  The relative advantage for the average American of this generation is the best you are going to ever have. My kid is positioned to take advantage of the future successes among the immigrants, people who still respect what we citizens can do for them, help them merge their culture with mine, raise their social status and economic prospects.   I expect my kid will be attractive to the daughters of immigrants who have the genetic diversity and resulting hardihood mental and physical to have overcome enormous hurdles, superior people in every respect.

My kid is multi-cultural because our family is on both sides, have been for generations.   I followed this advice, I married up and out, merged 2 cultures, expect him to do also.  I keep telling him to learn another language, 4 is good but 5 would be even more outstanding.  Every little bit helps, even when you are tall, athletic, very well proportioned, handsome and exceptionally intelligent.***** Next generation, new-comers from South America or other groups will be attractive to established immigrants.  Delay, and your grandchildren will not be able to make as good a marriage, on average, as multi-cultural sons and daughters can do this generation.

Of course,  you can, with effort, excel in that generation, have the perfect languages and cultural sensitives instilled into your children and have them hang out at the best places to meet the new elites.  Historically, the best young of the old, tired culture are adopted into the new.  Someone in the new classes will consider your descendants for marriage, or at least a concubinage, or a dalliance.

But understand, their cultures will be biased to look down on you.  They are and will be winners from a long line of winners, and your genetic and cultural heritages have not been tested and pruned in a few generations, your people have not been strivers, savers, hard workers, serious people raising large families.  Thus, they have selected from more of the world’s pool of human DNA than you have, and are strong, healthy, and here raising large families. By definition, they are superior beings.

And my kid will likely marry into one of those superior genetic and social lines, so my genes will be propagated.

Are you preparing your child for success in our modern world?  Will your kid look just like his grandparents, and thus identify himself as part of a loser line of genes?

*The dead kind of immortality, not the one we would rather have.

**Besides, I rather like my kid, hope he does well, has an interesting life and a nice family.

***Don’t be alarmed, mere terminology.  Species are defined to be genetically-isolated, breeding populations, but that doesn’t mean they can’t cross-breed.  Offspring are often quite superior in some ways, also often not all, e.g the mule.

****Hugely minuscule chances, but better than anyone who has one less kid than I do or one less grandchild than I will.

*****Even as a father, I can be absolutely objective.  Handsome, but not a movie star, nothing distracting.  Not a genius, but sure does fit things together fast, broad range of knowledge.  But the very best thing about him is, that anyone who gazes upon him realizes how intelligent and wise his father is.

Interesting thought.  A high-school friend of mine has been writing since high school, has a daughter who married foreign.  My friend is one of those liberal thinkers, so I doubt that outcome is the result of hard-assed calculation like mine will be.  A liberal, she would of course claim it was a result of being nice.

Another interesting thought.  This is also adhering to the gospel according to Taleb, Book of Anti-Fragile.  Moving your self, your culture and genes through the world has risk, but also exposes you to opportunity.  These are race-lotteries.  If you aren’t in the strive multi-culturally race, you have no chance of winning the genetic and economic lotteries for which the race presents tickets.

Added later : The ‘genetics as protection against disease‘ factor drives natural evolution, and of people also.  Your best bet is spread the risk of susceptability to the next disease across as many sets of immune system variants as possible, as not all of them will catch any particular new disease.  That is why outbreeding is such an advantage, and the reason none of us look like a ‘pure line’, no matter how perfect you think your people.  Nature doesn’t make it easy or risk-free to be a pure line.  Those aren’t natural.

11 thoughts on “Conserving My Neanderthal Heritage

  1. Or your kids can produce intellectually inferior servant-people who will be tools until they die of overwork.

    Your choice, Amigo.

    I choose excellence. Not wet Latina pussy.


    1. Depends on your measure of excellence, I think. And who you are, of course, but I think that many Americans think they can marry a better total package by marrying a foreign person. I did, and among our friends and acquaintances many others have done so as well, very impressive people they have married. And we would meet people at the kid’s soccer games, obviously American men with quite lovely young wives and another set of kids. Reproducing is winning, in these evolutionary, dynamic games, you know?

      And, this is my judgment as breeder of my genetic line, not yours. Your ‘excellence’ may not be mine. A kid who is tall, handsome, an athlete and lead dancer in the troupe, has girls falling all over him, speaks 4 languages and is manager in a nice startup at age 19, drives a nice car that he bought with his earnings, is OK, so in my estimate, my judgment in a wife was good.

      Why would his be worse? Intellectually inferior? Haven’t met any among any of the immigrants. It is only the kids who have grown up here who we think not up to moral or intellectual standards.



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  3. Dinesh D’Souza puts it this way: The value rating of the immigrant is directly proportional to the distance he immigrated. That is true in the case of the Chinese and Indians more or less. But all a Mexican has to do is roll over and he is in the USA.

    Been proven ages ago average mexican IQ is quite a bit lower than white. So you’re pretty off base in the above article. If you meant to interbreed with a Chinese girl with an engineering degree that’s another case altogether.


    1. It has bene proven again and again that Eskimos, Chukchas and Australian aborigines, and all of the isolated tribes of the Amazon, as well as every single immigrant group to America are of lower IQ than more civilized groups, thus proving that IQ tests measure what IQ tests measure.

      But IQ tests do not measure the intelligence we use to work through life’s problems. There can be no culture-independent IQ test, because there is no non-IQ-test, independent, measure of IQ. IQ tests are validated against IQ tests, year to year.


    2. After wind-sprints to clear my mind, let me state that better :

      IQ results in those examples of people living in very extreme environments give me the alternative of believing the validity of Darwin’s Theory or of IQ tests.

      That is, poor decisions in extreme environments take your genes out of the breeding population, reliably. Australian aborigines have been in their very harsh environment for 40K years with no replenishment of genes from the outside. Esikimos for 3+K, slow gene uptake from N Indian tribes.

      Look at the validation of IQ tests. Correlations, not causality. Evolution is causality. I am aware of plausible and evidence-supported explanations for the IQ data. I know of none for preventing evolution from happening in harsh environments.


  4. I think you must believe that the intelligence we exercise in solving life’s problems is the thing that IQ tests measure, it is the only way I can understand them.

    But, of course, IQ is what IQ tests measure, and it clearly does not measure what we use in solving life’s problems and describing them to each other because people from the very harshest environments on earth score low on IQ tests. Including, for example, Australian aborigines, who happen to have perfect memory for place on earth, and whose language’s incorporate cardinal direction into the words for distance, you can’t just say ‘move a bit’ you must say ‘move some distance east’. They know where N is at all times. I bet there are a lot of games where those people would have major advantages, and it wouldn’t probably show up on an English IQ test. Like an IQ test for Australian aborigines, for example.

    So your idea of genetics is poor, that isn’t the way you do selective breeding. Every version of human on earth is vastly more similar than we were to Neanderthal, and look what we took from Neanderthal , the latest estimate I saw said humans have kept 40% of the Neanderthal genome, 2.5% average each. Added to peoples who hybridized as long as we have been sort-of-people, we are hybrids of hybrids of hybrids. In the couples we see around us, surprisingly homely parents of different racial stock produce better than average looking kids a lot of the time. Humans are quite inbred, compared to any of our wild relative primates.

    This cry of “the dumb of the world are outbreeding the intelligent” has been constant ever since Darwin, and there have been large social movements based on it, many, many sterilizations and destroyed happinesses for what is now judged to be the usual baseless ideology.

    Meanwhile, the number of geniuses in every area that come from the world’s slums is high, and the intelligent of the world seem to specialize in sophisticated kleptocracy and nannying the world, micromanagement of everything, and doing it exceptionally poorly Yet again the idea that there are too many people on the face of the earth and that some are less worthy than others, just as insane as ever and again the leading civilization on earth id wrong.

    Best thing you can do for your genes and your geneline is to make it as impervious to disease, war, famine, … as you can, and that means outbreeding, getting your seed scattered across the earth. Your genes don’t care what color human they reside in, nor any other thing except they not be in a homozygote if they are in any way defective, and that they be mixed across as many sets of disease-resistance genes as possible, the immunological proteins and cell-surface markers.

    The way to good health is not just to be homozygotic for your best-functioning genes, you also want to have the minimum number homozygotic for your worst. That is the most important, a poorly functioning path in synthesis or degradation can make things much worse than a doubling-well functioning path can make them better.

    The way to surviving disease is to have a different set of cell-surface adhesion points for the virus or bacterium and/or the proper antigen-detection and entanglement proteins, you get several sets from each parent and so want grandparents to have been mixed. Most likely they weren’t completely.

    Until we have DNA tests to sort it out, best way to get the most-different genetics in disease resistance, and so most protection for your genes, relative to your current background, is to marry someone of very different genetics.

    So a selective breeding program is picking the most different of the very best mates you can attract, best mix of brains and looks and wealth, then having as many offspring as possible. Most of us don’t get more than one chance and there are a bunch of very find young women in this country of my son’s age, and he speaks their languages.

    I bet my grandkids are as smart as my son, because he will have been able to marry an intelligent woman from one of the many immigrant groups. Hybrid vigor is a good way to avoid regression to the mean.


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