Propaganda Example Of The Day

I found this clever messaging.

So our ‘homeland’ ‘security’ ‘agency’ has found reason to reduce its $ support of police department personnel by 90% from $1.4B, therefore the police unions, with their very anti-crime stance, lose power, so legislators are free to reconsider their positions on long sentences, fully served.

So budget constraints made them do it, it is consistent with the examples of states which have lowered sentences and NOT seen a spike in crime rate.  In the background is a hint that the public approves.

But the big frame of the message is Everyone is blameless.

No mention, even an aside, of the many studies that said it was stupid, studies since the beginning, the first proposals, the first hearings at every level.  Given studies more recently showing a new reason for that crime wave, prison worked for getting the prisoners out of the population and into a lead-free environment, to the extent that it did anything to diminish the crime rate, the evidence does not strongly support that hypothesis.

No discussion of the propaganda campaigns that went into those longer sentences, in direct opposition to many criminologists of the time, and examples from around the world. The terrible danger of drugs was the driving force, and it was driven hard.  Various feds got a lot of power out of those laws, big budget increases.

The DEA was created, still has an amazing number of agents, I wonder what they do? They certainly can’t be working at restricting imports of drugs, the price of all illegal drugs continues down, quality up and people find it easy to get. Wonder how many of their agents were once CIA agents smuggling drugs into the US? How can such a failed agency be so insulated from budget constraints?

No discussion of the fact that more states are legalizing cannabis, and their societies don’t seem to be much changed, except for amazing Youtube vidoes in amazing number on the topic of cannabis. No mention of the rapid change in public opinion in the last few years, on many hot topics*. Very tied to the internet, I believe and much evidence supports.

So that press release says there is no need for finger-pointing to 50 years, 2 generations of failed policies by morons in DC.  Control by the politically gifted for fun and profit warped our society terribly, we created the inner city hells and the drug trade by our laws.  We created a criminal underclass, kept it isolated by many policies that continued to cause hardship for anyone with a criminal record and any other problem, and blame the black crime rate on blacks. We can’t blame all that on anyone else but DC and state houses, but you won’t find anyone in those legislatures stepping up and taking any blame, no agency head saying it was time to shut down their agency.

I could write this article 10 times every day, easy, just from what I read.  Completely standard forms, this is the ‘policy is changing, talking points’ version.  Accompanying every change of policy, there is a flurry of press releases written by any one of so many agencies that could be blamed for the stupidities that required the changes, it would be foolish to guess.  Standard propaganda, part of insulating the political elites, who so hate the limelight when it comes to responsibility for consequences of their decisions.  That old idea that once made America work.

*One example, just to show you how incredibly out of touch from the culture I am, every now and again I become aware of the nudity and sex on prime time TV.  Wonder how big the funeral for Hugh Hefner will be?  That man was a founding father of the current culture.

Again I remind you of the seductive power of personal touches like that, things that make a writer seem human, connected to the same frame of reference you are.  In fact, I am trying to parasitize your mind with my ideas.  Taking it over with your full cooperation. You have to have very strong security checks on every message you admit to your mind.  Mental bugs, you know?

Warnings like that are another thing that make me seem trustworthy.  It makes it seem I am on your side, while really I am trying to parasitize your mind with my ideas.  Drill them into you via repetition, a standard propaganda technique this is.

The difference between me and everyone else is I tell you. It makes me more dangerous to some of your previous ideas, I am trying to annihilate all in opposition, just like all other idea generators and sets of mutually-supporting memes.  Mutually-supporting memes are especially pernitious, all ideologies are examples.  If mutually-supporting memes constitute an ideology, this is an ideology. You have to be extraordinarily careful of ideologies, they destroy societies.

You got to this point.  Check carefully, this is important.  Some of the ideas in this post may be inconsistent with other things you believe. Checking inconsistencies like that is a prime way your individual point of view can be used to reject the propaganda that comes at you in every single article, every blog post.  Just like this.

But be sure you are wise in choosing which to correct, and sometimes having multiple opinions in your head competing against each other, waiting for further evidence, is the best choice.  You don’t need an opinion on everything.  Better no opinion than the wrong opinion, it is much easier to correct any consequences of the first.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Everything is a Lebowski Enlightenment.  Here it is “I didn’t read this critique from the MSM, rather than a re-written press release.”

Why do you suppose that is?

Added the next day. This is the NYTimes version with actual reporting, and the police unions trying to look responsible, they aren’t guilty either. Once you see the patterns, they are almost a mechanism.  Every professional in the MSM news business must see this clearly, why are we the ones who have no clue?  Lebowskis everywhere.

Added later : I haven’t dealt much with outright fraud in the media.  Same propaganda + more explicit lies.

This is a discussion of ‘the Ferguson Effect’ in all of that, how easy MSM took up the no-evidence meme, made it real.

More debunking.

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