Daily Reading #284

This critique of the entire educational system is profound His summary of the dangers of abolishing it seem to me to depend on stereotypes, but otherwise it is a must-read, althoug quite long.

The criticism of academic research doesn’t go far enough. That combines the worst of a socialist system, favoring large, high-visiiblity projects and predictable progress, over many small more speculative ‘what if’ experiments  with insiders allocating the research funds. That is how the entire ‘global warming’ fraud has happened. Industry can fund the development of their technologies, and has wherever allowed. Semiconductor companies have large development labs and fund a great deal of academic research into materials :


Scott Aaronson is a fine writer and excellent thinker. Very interesting intellectual currents in our modern world, very clearly discussed in all of their moral complexity and clarity :


All of the emphasis is on Trump’s relationship with and payments to Stormy Daniels, an issue of zero importance on the national stage. The DNC’s blatant criminality is ignored by the entire legacy media :


Governance in the US is for the oligarchy-and minions, and trending over time to only serving the higher levels of wealth and power, taxes used to pay off their state-dependent supporters. Do you suppose that is a standard progression? Perhaps even inevitable, given the dynamics of large-scale societies made up of imperfect information processers with limited bandwidth, wide ranges of each in the population? There must be a proof. Peter Turchin would know :


I went looking for the hard evidence of Iran supporting terrorism. Far less than the US and Europe, from the evidence I find so far. This is a short summary of half a dozen such sites, and


It is so good of Bolton to warn Kim that his fate will be the same as Qaddafis’ :


No, while it may only collect the metadata on 500M phone calls, NSA has access to ALL of the Call Detail Records, because an Israeli company handles billing for ALL of the telcos :


Marx was a very important intellect in developing understanding of society and history. But, while some of his thoughts about history are illuminating, this modern extension wrt institutional racism is trash, imho. The shortage of black and Mexican engineers is NOT due to racism, Pakistanis, Indians and Chinese have all been discriminated against and no longer are. Also, Jews, Italians and Irish, and US blacks who were freed before the Civil War and blacks from the West Indies among many others. Discrimination is not the variable, culture is. Culture is self-imposed, that is what the American experience has been, people intentionally changing their thinking to improve their lives. Inner-city backs in America have stopped doing that. Marx was only half right about the class problems in the world  :


George Webb continues with their investigation. Amazing connections they are uncovering among the players and the timeline :

Again, how is this different? Legacy media ignores these things in Democratic administrations, only when they oppose the party and polices do they get mentioned. You must remember that the EPA is sued many times each year by environmentalists to force the EPA to follow the law :


Freeman Dyson reviewing and extending some of the thinking in Geoffrey West’s book on scaling.  When Dyson stuck to the book, I gained understanding, not otherwise :



We should not forget what centralized systems do to us.  Ideology is not the important variable, all of them justify rule by authorities, whereupon power and wealth begins consolidating.  Our own country is a great example, now far along the road by rule of the wise, according to our ideology, but really just another group with power and wealth and their minions.  They all end the same way :


This is an article about how political opinion biases information evaluation. I didn’t read past the first page because the phenomenon is very well known, all sorts of opinions and attitudes do the same :


Peter Turchin agrees with me, we are in serious danger of a 2nd Civil War. He doesn’t seem to think the Deep Black Swamp is a major danger? Brilliant people are not omniscient :


This looks promising in battery technology. I never thought that lithium batters were intelligent in cars, simple Price/Performance. Without the large subsidies, there would not be an electric car market for at least another 10 years, and the country would be richer for the delay :



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