Daily Reading #285

All the rest of these links are subsidiary to this first. Once you see that we are stuck in oligarchy, with 90% of the wealth owned by the top 1% and political power proportional, you also must see that the rest of the country’s problems are consequences of that. Large and complex systems can not operate as centrally-controlled systems, there is no way to handle the information flows and processing :


Russiagate will be viewed among PR professionals as extremely successful. It has built entire mountain ranges out of low-tide ripples on the beach, maintained them in the face of glaciers of evidence, logic and common sense for 18 months of intense news cycles, and cost only a few careers. In return, the media has been able to avoid any attention on the Deep Black Swamp’s many flows of illegal goods and money, and minimize it for necessarily-above ground people and institutions, like the Clinton Global Initiative. All this time, files disappear from computers, companies disperse, memories fade.

Propaganda works, and the 3-in-a-row CIA directors who all sat before Congress and said “The CIA controls everyone in the media who is important” were not lying, for once :





Tucker Carlson was excellent on the decline of men :

The long, slow exposure of every element of the Deep Black Swamp is going well, but if major prosecutions have not happened by 5 November, Republicans will have a problem turning out voters. I bet the Ds realize that as well as the Rs, and thus the fanatic rear guard. In addition to the reason that many of them who will hang for their crimes, of course :


As a harbinger of spring for Trump’s admin, I find that Vanity Fair is trying to be fair to Trump.  Wonder what that means? :


Yes, stagflation has been happening for some time. Government statistics have been increasingly innaccurate, lies, for the last 20+ years, and now are completely useless at understanding the external reality:


This abuse of privacy is not preventable, I think, only monetary damages, unless done against the state, of course. You have to be impressed that our banking and other private institutions stood up to the intrusion, very likely better than the police forces, CIA, NSA, all of whom have insiders selling their information troves.

You also have to notice how the Mossad works for wages. And I remind you how often in history great countries have fallen to their Grand Visier and remined slaves thereafter :


Pseudo-intellectual horseshit. Dogs growl over which bone is whose. It doesn’t take capitalism and the ruling class imposing social expectations to make organisms above a certain complexity and lifestyle defend their property. We use tools to make things necessary for our survival, health and comfort. I don’t see how you would prevent individuals who had obtained civilization from defending their property, as that is defending their life psychologically and often in reality.

No, only the choices for serious socialists are how much they repress taxpayers, if any, or how little they do in social welfare. People won’t pay high taxes, they would rather spend their time avoiding taxes or not work in every country in which high taxes have been imposed. If merely high taxes don’t work, and they won’t, then the choice must be declining purchasing power of paychecks, effectively the same thing and accomplished in many subtle ways, so not so clearly the government’s fault. In either case, the economy always goes to hell.

Marx had more science and technology in his soul than our modern social thinkers appear to have. marx was a reporter. He gt into the shops and mills and went to the bars and talked to working people.These intellectual fools have no concept of many things clearly outside their intellectual grasp, e.g. combinatorial complexity. You can’t compute anywhere close to the required optiiizations in less than the age of the universe .(The data structure is a sparse grid of all versions and styles and materials of products used in all other products at each of 12-365 delivery dates, at a minimum, at each date for a range of prices appropriate to the product and each price at a range number of products delivered. All anticipating shipping delays due to weather, mine strikes, fires at lumber mills…

Fantacize all you want, some optimizations are too large compute, even before we get to real-time. So, you will compute a good-enoughimum that satifices, so keeps the local entity going, and do it in a distributed system of profit and loss ledgers that allow independent decisions at each node in the network. You will do all that because nature doesn’t leave you any choice.

There are many different social-institutional structures you might put on that base design, of which society hasn’t explored more than a small few, but that is the base you must begin with  :



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