Daily Reading #268

I am still swapping computers, re-installing OSs, etc. and sorting through the garage in a spring cleaning, so light reading.

The push to war continues :


Ukraine is not likely to flare up into war :


Yes, US law enforcement agencies have been infiltrated and no longer function as expected :


I approve of banking secrecy. I doubt that HSBC is particularly unique in its spectrum of clients. I think whistleblowers need to be very well protected. These are not contradictory opinions, rather a workable alternatives to the current legalistic system, which does not work :


Another mention of how foreign powers are snooping and how little is being done to avoid the consequences. The reason, of course, is that some of the snoops are working for the CIA and providing information about Congress :


Politics can’t be honest, which means we should have much less politics in public life :



A positive report on the VA :


I don’t see why a DNS proxy is an improvement in privacy unless it proxies many individuals and organizations, whereupon we again have the trust problem :


The current state of CPUs. Scaling now is more cores and threads and memory controllers :


The evidence is accumulating that cell phone radiation causes cancer. This is not a support of the hypothesis that the 5G network is a Chinese invention intended to cause sterility, which I read a week ago :


Cannabis research improves, this discusses effects on anxiety, but no clear answer :


Ancient hybridization between two species of ciclids produced all the Lake Victoria species. Confirmation of that link the other day that hybridizing events can give a special advantage to the offspring :


“Control the memes, control the world”, a famous quote I think I just invented. Fortunately, memes are the ultimate in anonymous distributed generating systems :


This was good, but merely proves that MLK arose via bottom-up processes and expected to implement top-down processes to solve the problems he made so plainly the next step in civilization. That has failed, of course, but NakedCapitalism wants to use the example as a justification for doubling down, again. NC is excellent on analysis of banking laws, excellent on foreign policy and social science and social/political critiques. Terrible on economics and social policy because their centralized solutions defeat evolution, the larger society and economy evolve faster than the solutions, and thus the solutions collapse, one after another.

I believe in their goals, simple humanity, all are valued. But the solutions cannot be imposed, they must evolve. Are evolving, in fact. There is far more social integration than ever of races and ethnic groups all around the world, the great majority of it very peaceful :


This is an interesting article, only flawed because it refuses to understand anything about the reality of Barak Obama and our Deep Black Swamp, namely we don’t quite know who the man is, partly because of the DBS. In fact, his birth certificate, draft card, etc. were all forged. That is, I believe the man who taught NSA and CIA classes on identifying forged documents, not the CIA’s media :



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