Daily Reading #269

One world government, One World Order, in action. I had not understood British politics, same as the US politics, and for the same reasons. Deep Black Swamp is world-wide :


CHS on why systems fail :


Robert Gore on leadership’s dark side :

Lead Us Not Into Perdition, by Robert Gore

Modern Monetary Theory is elegant, except for the confusion between wealth and fiat currency. Fatal confusion :


There is amazing progress in measurement of individual neurons in single-synapse detail real time, and also electrical activity of entire sets of neurons. I foresee a general theory of brain and consciousness in the near future :


4 TB disk drives are now available (they cheat, however, and use decimal rather than binary K’s as their base) for < $150, retail. This talks about the need for yottabytes and zettabytes as necessary sizes in the near future. Supercomputers are now measured in petaflops :



Rapid increases in both data and understanding in DNA and viruses :


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