Daily Reading #265

I have spent the last couple of weeks with my Ohio relatives, met a good number of people, had a few political conversations. Most people understand the world as presented in Legacy Media. Even predominately FOX households believed Russia was a villain.

I talked to 4 people who shared opinions off of the same websites I often cite here. There is a sharp divide, I didn’t talk to anyone on the fence, but people are listening to the very-alternative view because they see so many things are going wrong in the world and the explanations don’t quite make sense in some way, there has been growing uneasiness for years. There is a cultural backlash against the modern academic version of feminism, gender discussions ,etc. “Do what you want, just don’t push it in my face” is the common understanding, people are seriously pissed off.

“Red Pill” is real, it is a dramatic change in understanding of your government and how the society does work and should work. People refer to propaganda techniques, have a good understanding of how FOX’s biases differ from RT and a variety of web sites. Taking the Red Pill is seeing the world trying to bias the information flow to control public opinion. Seeing behind the facade.

A surprising number of couples both have concealed carry permits. There is a consensus that this is the last chance for the Republicans. Either Trump gets the prosecutions well underway before the election, or we vote a straight Democratic ticket. That is make or break. Everyone wants to end this government before they get a world war started, rule of law must be restored. I participated in, but did not lead those discussions. No kidding, the discussion has turned to how to best take down the government “when the time comes”. Early pre-revolutionary? Really, the few people I talked to and I are the least likely do do anything radical, but the fact that we discuss it so freely must mean something about the distribution and mean. How far along the adoption curve are we with memes like this? I haven’t studied enough about how all this happens. Of course, nobody knows, in the age of the internet.

Which, btw, is the red pill. Everyone remarks on how easy it is to see many viewpoints and seem to have converged on a few dozen main web sites and Youtube channels. We exchanged favorite political links like kids exchange music links.

12 hours after writing that, I find this discussion of the political divisions among the anti-Left, WRSA focus. It somewhat argues against my thinking that there is a realignment in US politics, tho most of the re-alignment I see is traditional Liberals sorting themselves out of the Progressive side of the political divide. I have always thought that the US Constitution, original interpretation, was :

A Taxonomy of Dissident Right Factions

George Webb the last few days :




More commentators on the Deep Black Swamp, the current public faces of the DBS are mere mid-level, Rockefellers and Rothschilds are the top-level players. Nobody is in ultimate control. Different players have different capabilities in different areas. We are about to find that out.

This asserts that there are ultimate controllers of the world, and so I distrust the motives :


I watched American Intelligence Media yesterday. My assessment of John Bolton is very different than theirs, much nearer CHSmith’s.

Also, “China is the enemy, has a 100-year plan to conquer the world”. Right, 5-year plans work so well everywhere. The Chinese government is no more stable than the US government, who would bet on either one maintaining their current form for the next 20 years?

So AIM violates my understanding of reality as contending powers, no ultimate evils, just people playing the hands they were dealt. Yes, the Chinese have a unique culture, the Muslims a unique religion, … but just people and their plans won’t work any better than anyone else’s plans :



The Skripal’s “Poisoning by Russia” case is entirely bogus :


Excellent discussion of the range of human variation Rogan and Peterson :


This is an example of how you can prove anything by carefully selecting the evidence. Also, how the victors write the histories. How many people were killed in the Christian’s conquests of Pagan nations? How many have died in Christian vs Christian battles? How many in Muslim vs Muslim battles? At this same time, the Normans were conquering parts of Italy, and ultimately took Sicily, and previously entire tribes had taken Spain and N Africa. Just people, the ups and downs of different elements of civilization through history :


I believe that it is possible to know if a particular group is carrying on hacking attacks, but that takes far more evidence than can be obtained from the hack itself. Hackers use multiple, serial cutouts, machines that forward IP packets one to the next, generally using SSH as the application. The hacked machine only sees the last IP address. Given some combination of network omniscience and hackers that aren’t disciplined enough to vary their patterns, an intelligence agency can track hack to source. Add hacking into that source, you can know it is the ultimate source and who runs it, maybe.

Every country is doing this, very likely the Iranians are guilty of something like this :


Freedom declines in Britain :


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