Daily Reading #266

I have been travelling. When I got home again, my computer was toast, the 3 mirrored hard drives were all very screwy, one had lost the partition table, the others had different types on the partitions. Hard to understand, I had shut the system down normally and unplugged it from the power.

So I got a new motherboard and AMD processor and chassis and graphics board and heat sink. More complex than the systems I have built before, lousy documentation everywhere, chassis cables don’t all have labels that match the MB’s documentation. Back-breaking labor. Otoh, the processor is up to 4092 pins AND the packaging is excellent.

But, finally, the system is working well enough to write this.

George Webb is now presented to my browser by Youtube, meaning they are under considerable pressure. I caught up from Day 158. The open source investigations are making many connections. Very obviously, George’s operation is parallel construction for insider info. I still don’t believe in Q, especially after hearing how many of George’s researchers had started following Q’s breadcrumbs :

US MIC profits from the CIA’s fostering wars, brothers in arms :


It is mafias all the way down. Harpers manages to discuss Afghanistan’s opium production without mentioning the CIA and military’s roles in importing the heroin to the rest of the world :


If we wanted to fix the antibiotic problem, we would abolish the FDA. Obviously, the bacteria are out-evolving the bureaucracies, tho you will never hear that from the FDA :


Ancient DNA is a new technology, every new study changes global understanding of how and where humans evolved :




More things climate models don’t know, and thus are inaccurate predictors of future climates. Makes you wonder how many other things about the climate are yet to be discovered :



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