Daily Reading #23E

I had never seen or heard Donald Trump Jr. He speaks very well :


But it is clear that the FISA court has already seriously impaired a functioning civilian-controlled government :



George Webb lays out how the NSA-CIA are used in economic espionage-for-profit. He says the Pentagon’s fraud is centered in Defense Logistics Agency, especially building projects. 2nd link says the SES program is 1000 political appointments, all now Hillary’s people put into everything at the highest level. “They are the swamp” according to George, the people running the compromise operations :


Officials everywhere follow Discordian doctrine, they inevitably organize opposition by their attempts to control :


I think that no ideology that thinks ‘our kind’ are superior can grasp much genetics or genomics. All organisms are the result of many accidents and infections deep in the past :


It seems to me that England’s theory of molecular evolution have the same process as Adrian Bejan discusses in “Design in Nature : How the Constructal Law Governs Evolution in Biology, Physics, Technology and Social Organizations” :


Perovskites have been known to be semiconductors since the 1980s, there were competitors to silicon and germanium in the early 1980s :


I had seen references to more polyploid animals, this is the first invasive species I remember. The Generalissimo’s version is more engineerable, it seems to me :


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