Daily Reading #23D

How many of these have I begun with “The push for war continues”? But I was wrong. The push for Armageddon continues :


Consider that in the light of the leaks that FISA-FBI was first in Congress’s lineup of investigations, State Department is next. And that the OIG’s investigations began before Obama left office, which means it included at least the aftermath of Clinton, who left State 1 Feb, 2013. The OIG law was signed 16 December, 2015. So a full year before the elections, and it is now 2 years after Horowitz and his fellow IGs could get the rest of the information they needed to make cases, or at least do so legally. Two years is a long time in an investigation. There are 450 people in DOJ’s IG’s office, and proportional numbers in the other and I counted 58 members in the list for the President’s Council on Integrity and Excellence, Horowitz heads other groups of OIGs, they coordinated letters to the Congress, testimony before committees, etc.

Then add in the claim by Dr. ? on the Jason Goodman interview a week or so ago that the White Hats that the OIGs were part of recruited Trump to run for President. I don’t know if that is true, but such a group could well have helped Trump decide. Also, of course, it is the kind of thing that makes you seem much more powerful and would be hard to check, so grain of salt or bag.

In summary, Trump has either been extraordinarily lucky, a political neophyte outsider winning the Presidency against all odds and just happening to have enough key people to know how to play all of his cards so perfectly, or Trump has had the winning hand all this time and knew exactly what was in each losing hand of his opponents.

Bad guys in the Deep Black Swamp learned to play their games in times when information was hard to obtain, their tradecraft was adequate to protect them in most circumstances. In a world of IT and automated backups, those have failed, all is exposed once people start digging, given any questions to begin from. There are plenty of threads to pull, but I bet that Horowitz has had good advice also, and Binney and others have provided the threads, so the major players are in check, and likely know it. I bet there are CIA and NSA people scrutinizing their fellows without leaving traces. I bet all the players don’t realize how well known their business dealings and cash flows are known to OIGs and agencies that are obligated to pursue exactly the crimes that produced those, but aren’t doing it. I bet you that those many threads cross a lot, following any one leads to more.

Yeah, I bet this goes on a long time, and the schedule of investigations and leaks is one of increasingly seriousness and scale of crime. So Hillary is charged with mishandling of State Secrets first, then financial crimes, small and easy to understand at first, then the more complex, … and finally the sex trafficking, pedophilia, organ harvesting, satanic awfulness. As I have said, it seems to me that there is more than sufficient evidence to conclude that such satanic awfulness does exist as an organized thing, and that it is used as a binding agent by the Deep Black Swamp that ensures loyalty. I think that it is obviously needed because the CIA’s many criminal organizations have gone from people smuggling for profit to drugs for guns to organs for money to sex trafficking for pedophiles and running wars to profit in all of those ways. It takes a worse crime to keep people’s consciences from speaking out about helping mass murders of so many kinds.

Assuming satanic rituals of awfulness, I bet there are recordings of many of those. The only genuine snuff film I know of, no I haven’t seen it, was seized by the FBI somewhere around Denver in a drug raid. The box contained a head, and the house a body and some weird people and lots of blood everywhere. They had filmed or otherwise recorded the ritual sacrifice of a young man as instructions for others. CIA was probably involved and is definitely involved in the new satanism, so of course it is all recorded.

I think it unlikely such secrets can be hidden. Now, rethink the situation. How many of the crackerjack researchers on the net and reporters in the many very excellent alt-news web sites were recruited and fostered by White Hats of some agency or other? I have long said that George Webb’s job is to find the threads that the good guys in the FBI can use for their own parallel construction, and probably based on insider info they can’t base a case on.

What has been happening in the information wars in this beginning era of internet seems driven by deeper connections. The good guys seem to me to have had the upper hand and everyone is playing by the same excellent script.

Otoh, people easily see pictures in clouds and patterns in random data :


George Webb et al. :


More evidence that the FBI has long been part of Deep Black Swamp enforcement operations :


Another dossier makes its appearance. Cody Shear is the author :


Historical analogies are even more misleading than most arguments, imho. Thierry Meyssan is a first-rate mind, but look at the differing views of the same situation :




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