Daily Reading #106

It seems to me that the message Trump sent to the world with the Tomahawks against Syria is not having the intended effect. Or else, the Russians are playing improvisational kayfabe kabuki very well :


The Saker’s analysis of Trump’s attack on Syria, and the US administration of its Empire in general. Not flattering to many countries in the world. Read this, it is important :


I like Wayne Madsen, was pleased to see him working with Boiling Frog Post’s NewsBud :


From NewsBud. The US can’t afford our military and CIA both because of their costs and because of the moronic strategy they and Israel have pursued, which will leave us defenseless at the point of peak enemies. Time to join any organization that coordinates food, medical care and other community services. Build up your communities, because your governments are all failing in every way, and our dependence upon government has been a bad strategy by us, the citizen’s, for our own future. Peak government, peak anything, is just before the fall :


Eric Zeusse, another commentator who states things plainly.  The US is still on the course to world domination by military conquest. Complete insanity, and Trump is likely the fool we hoped he wasn’t. So long as we don’t have WWIII, he is still better than Hillary, a very low hurdle :


More War-on-the-Rocks :



Another way of looking at the Federal gov’s effects on education is ‘if they hadn’t started helping after WWII and more after Kennedy, we wouldn’t be in this mess” :


Charles continues to read the tea leaves. I agree about how to play the Long Game in a political world, his is a good description of the situation, but that doesn’t mean anyone is doing that. I hope he is right, and Trump is a genius tactician, but it seems to me that very little in his administration shows such genius :


This is a contrarian view. It isn’t obviously biased against Trump, I think. But I increasingly think Trump is a dumb bad word, so I could maybe miss some biases :


As terrible as I am afraid Trump is going to turn out to be, I have no regrets for having voted for him. Clinton was intolerable, a criminal, war criminal and purveyor of war throughout the ME, profiting from that, and a big win for the Deep State — she was their candidate. Trump is a mild war criminal as a result of the attack on Syria, more than mild for Yemen and some of  the expansion of the problems in the Sudan.

The US created all these terrorists with our control of the situation. We forced it by installing governments that kept them poor, as a side-effect of supporting the US interests over the obvious interests of their own people.  For 2 minor examples, their leaders don’t dispute the US’s anti-trade tariffs on sugar and gasahol, necessary to keep US companies alive, much less competitive. Their elites betray their citizens in exactly the same ways as our elites, when you think about it. Two sides of the same coin.

I don’t even think it demands large conspiracies, although the various ‘active’ intelligence agencies of the world are nothing but that. Once nations have power, in this case the power to obstruct trade, the natural result is conflict because leaders will favor some economic interests over others and use that to obtain political support.

I hadn’t read Lew Rockwell’s Libertarian web site since last summer. Their views are pretty much the same as everyone’s, the gov is far out of control of us citizens, in the control of the oligarchs via some folks who don’t worry about laws.

I always liked Lawrence Wilkerson, he is a solid individual and clear thinker. He says ‘accident, turned into a crossing of the red line’, a faux false flag. He says a major war will end the US, same as what happened to Great Britain, same reason, military spending killed their economic and military might and devastated their markets.

He says we are creating the most dangerous possible situation for Israel, because we will sink and the world will send Israel with us. I have said versions of that, not so well, ever since I understood the ME. Whether Israel drives the US’s foreign policy or vv, we are taking each other down. 9-11 was an insane move by insane people of very great power. You know it was insane because it couldn’t be hidden, and they must have known that.  You know they have power, it hasn’t caused any political impact.  Well, except for Trump, and they are controlling him, apparently.

9-11 was a big roll of the dice. And think about what it means for careers in the military. No military officer with any mind can look at that evidence and not know it was a false flag, and they talk. Our military is filled with career officers who KNOW, and know their superiors know.  What kind of people swear to uphold the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and stays in an organization like that?  Understand why we have continuous ever-larger wars we can’t win?:


The really big problem is all the current problems made worse by the economic depression that the world is falling into.  Fred has some of this right, anger certainly seems to be increasing :


There are far more sources of economic and political instability in the world than needed to initiate and maintain both a world-wide Greater Depression and another age of revolution like the late 1700s up to 1848  :



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