Daily Reading #9F

More false flags to produce new war.  The real story is that Khadaffi’s Saran gas weapons were shipped to Syria by Clinton-CIA and used in ISIS’s rapid expansion of the Califate.  Those were in the pictures the Russians provided after Aleppo was captured, big store houses of US weapons :


Our Deep State’s players are not as clever as one would have expected, it seems to me :


The drift of legal standards away from the Constitution continues :


And the result of Federal funding of science, especially medical science, is its failure to perform science to a level that allows routine replication of the results.  Only 11% of 53 seminal papers in cancer care can be replicated? How do you measure failure?


Slowly, so slowly, forensic ‘science’ is becoming more scientific and less a new means of achieving convictions of innocent people :


Improved reasoning about sets of experiments. I had not thought about comparing that number of samples of anything through different studies :


Craigslist for selling small businesses + a negotiation mediator. This is clever of Kansas, but excellent marketing by making the location part of the price on a positive side. Another data point.

Again, I find it easy to convince myself that major elements of our society are on the edge of moving back to the country because cities aren’t economic at their current scales in the current economy. That is what joblessness means, right? So I think  lot of people are selling their suddenly too-expensive city and their equity in their house in the city and moving to the country. Every day I read articles with evidence of that.

It is common for new converts to a cause to be more committed than long-time adherents.  Country people of my acquaintance were already pretty fierce about the superiority of their ways and lives and people. Wonder what the new rural people will be like?


I just bet myself that there is a magazine with a ‘newly rural’ theme. I am only partly right, there is a book and a web site, no magazines yet :


The capitalist way to handle the plastics problem. The collecting system for the fuel will allow other plastics to be collected for recycling when that would not have been otherwise worthwhile :


This is just in time to start solving the crises in fresh water, happening around the world :



Jeffrey Sachs on the state of the world. I agree with him, the US is the source of the discord that will end our nation :


The propagandist in me says I need to include more fuzzy animal pictures. These are really intelligent animals, just like my readers :


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