Daily Reading #100

Why the F-35’s totally inadequate capabilities don’t matter to MIC :


The MIC seems to be successful in its false flags and guiding Trump :


Although not so successful in actually fighting ISIS :


Libertarians have it right, when they aren’t being theoretical and ideological, their huge failure in connecting to other people’s minds, or trying to be part of the establishment like last election :


Whitehead is excellent, as usual :


Another good link from Western Riffle Shooters. WRSA’s proprietor has excellent taste in links, imho, and not just because he publishes my posts, infrequently. I must say, wrt the young man in the article, he has adapted admirably to the values that got him into Stanford. Putting him down is wrong, he is too young to have a clue about any of it. Kids like that are cannon fodder on all sides in every war, and we can’t blame them for the wars or for their idealisms. SJWs get all the attention, but their pastors, teachers and professors are the ones who should be blamed.

Dissing Stanford’s admissions process and the values that drive that process is appropriate, however, we should all emulate that. Yes, ‘all’, because you Stanford graduates are losing by your diploma being devalued, you should be at the forefront of this criticism. Stanford’s brand is one of selecting for and fostering competence, and the values on display here devalue that image and associations  :


It seems to me that all of the good Liberals who supported Clinton for reasons of Party should be getting nervous about their allies.  Shaheen calling for restrictions on media is not Democracy as we practice that here in the US, it seems to me :


How many times have we seen ‘Syrian gas attacks’, all false flags, reported relentlessly in all the major media, and real Sarin gas attacks using Libya’s stocks through Syria and Iraq completely ignored? The CIA’s propaganda arm must be out of tools, they can’t expect the world to be less critical the Nth time. Reporters must like the stories, I have read minor variations of these so often :



And also this one. Any pension that allows taking a lump sum will soon experience what happened in Dallas, the rest will just reduce their payouts, sometimes in large drops. How many articles were written warning about under-funding of pensions, the fund’s expectations of 8% returns compounded being unrealistic? Just now we get excited?

The politicians need the wars to keep our minds off of how stupidly they have managed the country :


Google’s Tensor Processing Unit is getting a lot of attention. NSA must have done this for AES and the other standard cyphers in order to crack passwords :


Several links today have come from Western Rifle again. Another in his focus on on-line security in an age of ubiquitous surveillance :



2 thoughts on “Daily Reading #100

  1. >Libertarians have it right, when they aren’t being theoretical and ideological . . .
    Yes, yes, obviously, the map is NOT the territory, the model is NOT the reality. But in no way does that mean either that maps and models are unnecessary, or that some maps and models are not a LOT closer to the territory and the reality than others.

    > . . . their huge failure in connecting to other people’s minds . . .
    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
    I say that libertarians (and even – gasp – anarcho-capitalists) are now at least starting to get into stage three, and no doubt have made substantial progress from stage one in the last 60 years or so.

    > . . . or trying to be part of the establishment like last election.
    Gotta agree with you on this one.


    1. I agree with your comment, and thank you for it.

      Small L libs are gradually having an effect, but the Libertarian Party is now part of the establishment.

      Before it can have much effect on the national scene in politics, it will need reformed itself. I doubt there is time for that, it seems to me that the political system is not stable enough to last long, even if the Israeli-Neocons don’t manage to start WWIII.

      Normalcy bias and information overload make it hard to see, but few of people could have imagined the political situation we are in 10 years ago, the loss of civil liberties, continuous war, and now finally the reality of the economy and infrastructure and pensions and …

      Yes, Libs and libs have been harping on all of that for 30 years, how terrible gov management of everything is, yes, some effects, but I think politics is far more driven by the effects of bad policy than the cumulative discussion and predictions. Who has benefited, politically? Libertarians neutered themselves and so couldn’t benefit last election, and I don’t see that changing any time soon, they would have to jettison the major funders.

      Increasingly frantic efforts to preserve stasis until it breaks seems to be the historical standard progression in times like this.

      I appreciate the comment and the stimulus to thought.


      The next day, I have a further thought. Where did the LP go? Ron Paul is literally the only LP member I can identify in public life.

      I don’t read Lew Rockwell’s site any longer because it was trending social conservative and most of their major links were ones I saw in other places.
      Also, I believe they have never acknowledged that 9-11 was a false flag by our government and Israel, the reason I resigned a life membership in the LP.

      I just went back to check that, it seems back to normal LP stuff, and most of their major links I would have read somewhere else. Today, only a prepper article would have escaped me seeing it in a normal week. But libertarians don’t stand out in the crowd, there are so many mostly-libertarian sites now.

      This is certainly a win for libertarian thought, I agree with you. But it hasn’t affected politics yet, not much does any more, so probably even if Ron Paul-Jesse Ventura had been the LP’s Presidential candidate, it wouldn’t have had a long-term effect. But that ticket would have had a chance.

      I hope we all remember the lessons as we rebuild the country from the bottom up. We have a lot more history to guide us next time.


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