Daily Reading #6C

Paul Craig Roberts on “Trump vs the CIA”. Yes, the CIA is a major part of the Deep State, which strongly opposes Trump and his views on the continuous wars in aid of dubious allies :


Nothing in our government is honest any longer. Several years ago, we heard about students ‘going to school’ just for the student loans. The schools allowed them to continue, despite terrible grades, of course. That had to mean there were no effective penalties for defaulting on student loans, and/or everyone expected the loans to be forgiven :


This summarizes two excellent posts on the workings of propaganda :


This is the latest fully-sourced summary of Pizzagate evidence. This is an impressive public, open source, investigation. You can watch the evidence and analyses percolate from emails through detailed summaries of individual threads into summaries of an area, on into this exec summary. Pizzagate is a historic event, it will change the way government operates. The various 9-11 and other false flag and hoax events have already shown that citizen investigations and journalism, the scandals get more and more attention as time goes on, there are still new JFK findings and confessions. Before that, a guy confessed to having arranged the murder-by-accident of General Patton. Continuing relevations about foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbour raid.


For an example of the breadth and depth of the connections they are finding :


de Toqueville’s early social analysis of America emphasized how well citizens knew to govern themselves, how committees would spontaneously form to take responsibility for some civic function, how widespread was citizen participation in running their local towns and townships. Read a few pages of this, and realize that we are doing it again, this time with online governance. You can see it evolve here in these investigations :


Reading that thread, I see that Pizzagate is the defining element of the revolution that is happening. Trump may look like the big change, but what is happening on voat.co/v/pizzagate controls Trump’s fate also.

Pizzagate is the most incredible scandal ever in history, and is tied in with and into and behind every other aspect of the corruption in our national life. Blackmail is the only way I can see how they corrupted so many high level people, enabling 9-11 and the subsequent coverup, which has proved to be good enough to prevent political fallout, as poor it was.

The many, detailed, hard-science refutations are just ignored, the many videos and very wide-spread understanding that 9-11 was a false flag operation have had no political effect, 15 years after the event. It takes some titanic self-confidence to do 9-11 in a country with a ‘free press’. Most of us can’t imagine that it could be done, which is why it has worked so well. It was easy for the propaganda to make anyone who looked at the evidence a crazy who will believe anything, because who could believe it could be done, or that they would get away with it?

So people have sorted themselves into ‘I looked at the evidence’ and ‘I accepted the propaganda’, although they don’t express their positions that way. If you looked at the evidence, and remembered it in the face of the constant frame of ‘terrorists did it’, you understand it was a false flag.

I could never grasp how senior military commanders, generals, could agree to betray their country, to commit treason, as more than a few did. Pedophilia as a rite of passage onto a fast track to the upper reaches of the institution is one of the answers.

Foreign nations do interfere with US elections. Wayne Madsen is a fine reporter. The CIA sacrificed 34 sailors to cover up shipping arms to Iran as part of Reagan’s arms-for-hostages-delayed, and changed the outcome of the US election by doing all that :


I had not realized that a strong dollar was necessary for financial firms to do well. So Wall Street works against Mainstreet at multiple levels :


Obama has done another good thing, rare for him :


First thing Trump should do is pardon Snowden, then invite him and Assange to the White House and give them some major medal for national service. Promise to do the same for anyone providing info wrt the government’s illegal acts, e.g. in 9-11, Sandy Hook or any of the other false flag and faux event operations. If we don’t elicit that inside information and promote whistleblowers, how do we expect to get the Deep State under control? A very strong whistle-blower’s bill should be first order of business, with a much more independent Inspector Generals, appointed by ???a non-corrupted and non-corruptable element of government ???, as the Inspector Generals were designed to be.

Inspector Generals are confirmed by Congress, an independent check on executive power. Inspector Generals now clearly are NOT independent of the Cabinet member their agency reports to. We have seen failures in the DOD, CIA, FBI, ATF, DOJ, … to carry out protection of whistleblowers and pursue the illegal activities reported.

Any part of government that has the power to limit other parts is a target for corruption, and inevitably is corrupted. This is the problem of fixing broken systems. No choice, we aren’t at the point where repair is impossible, we hope.

More transparency, tougher FOIA laws and rules for implementation, more reporting-to-Congress requirements for the IGs, … If the Trump admin is serious about fixing government, we will see many of these things. I bet we won’t.

Meanwhile, assume everything is fake, until you confirm it with enough sources you can believe. For example, the Syrian White Helmets. I think it was a year+ ago I first saw the evidence of their faking pictures of injured kids, the evidence that something wasn’t right. Now it is in the open that they are a CIA-controlled group, also arms smugglers, no doubt part of the CIA’s conduit. Or Clinton’s, more likely, because of the amount of Sarin gas found in Aleppo :


Another argument for preparation for logistics failures, the example of mere storms causing massive buying, empty stores, shortages of everything :


I have watched this several times in the last few years, really like it. Honest sophisticated primitives, doing their best to keep their culture alive, and making some $ out of the effort at the same time. Nothing to criticize at all, and this was a fine piece of film art :


This confirms that I am honest, especially the complicated sentences. I find the comparison of the State Integrity Index for New Jersey vs Utah less than convincing, however. NJ less corrupt?


Interesting that so many different things affect health. A common thread is a period of exertion, as well as relaxed socializing. Those have been eliminated from most of our too-busy lives :


More examples of taxes being so high they reduce total gov revenue :


Finally, look at the areas where the CIA’s emphasis on power at the expense of normal relations and business have cost the US and the world. The events in Syria, the relations with Turkey after the CIA’s failed coup against Erdogan, the obvious decline of US soft power throughout Europe, are all the fault of the Israeli-Neocon control of the Presidency (Bush Sr, Clinton, Shrub and Obama), State Department and CIA :




Gee, maybe reporters need to know this, a public intelligence operations categorizing of information and the significance of items in the categories :


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