Daily Reading #6B

Learning faster and better with the Feynman Technique, which is explaining the idea as tho you are teaching it. Michael Polyani made his reputation extrapolating the idea in ‘Personal Knowledge’. The difference between mere homework and mastery sufficient to explain is one of the reasons public schooling is ineffective, and the reason tutoring is so effective and the reason it is so good for grad students to teach intro courses :



If a drug could be developed that does what exercise does, it would be the single most important drug ever invented :


CHSmith is insightful, as usual. I am also hopeful that Trump is exploiting the splits, the out of the box thinkers and rebels from the different areas.  Insiders, but not True Believers :


The Afghanistan war continues, we are still losing, the Taliban continues to increase the area of the country they control. The war was planned well before 9-11, of course, based on long theory of power in foreign affairs, that Afghanistan was a pivot for international power :


The FBI and 5 other agencies are probing whether the Kremlin funded Trump. What a good use of resources. We have solid evidence that Saudi Arabia and others funded Clinton, that is ignored. This is just pounding the frame, keeping the propaganda campaign going, making Trump less-than-legitimately our President. It is good Trump is learning about the structure of our government and actual functions so early, he will have time to fix it all:


Foreign aid is, in fact, takeover of other countries by un-obtrustive means. Read “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins. This goes further, and says poor countries actually subsidize the wealth of rich countries. I don’t think the Guardian’s argument is meaningful, it is comparing apples and oranges. E.g. if you develop a gold mine in a 3rd world country, you get the gold and that is a flow of value out of the country, which this article duly tracks.

But what about the value left in the country, given to the gov that made the deal to develop the gold mine? That is not either outflow or inflow, but normal commerce, not counted in this balance sheet, as would be the sale of the country’s share of the gold and purchase of goods to be given to the citizens. As for ‘illicit capital flight’, I do not see how that can be blamed on anyone but the host country, whatever good it does for the banksters of the world.

Likewise, the idea that we can get rid of tax havens is only possible with a world government, exactly what is now being decisively rejected in every country that gets to choose. As usual, I find leftish economic thinking unrelated to reality :


It is easy to calculate the fines necessary to deter corporate frauds. Actual fines are a few percent of the required amounts :


The ‘fake news’, previously known as ‘propaganda’, discussion has stimulated a lot of thinking about what news really is. This is good. The only way to know is many independent sources evaluated by many independent minds comparing thoughts, same as for any area of complex reality. Truth is provisional in the hardest and most fundamental science, so that must be true of the rest of nature :


A new cold war with Russia is insane. Good discussion, 3 hours,


The lack of new antibiotics is entirely due to the FDA’s adoption of Clinical Trials as the anti-competition mechanism protecting Big Pharma’s profits :


A simply amazing story. The raped woman spent a month in jail to ensure she would be available as a witness :


I keep seeing people saying ‘cops aren’t to blame for the violence, it is inner city blacks’. Watch “The Wire” to get an idea of the interaction of the street cops and inner city denizens. Lots of feedback, the violence has escalated dramatically.  Lousy leadership of the Chicago PD, bad management, poor training, drug laws and gun laws and sex laws drove all this, combined with a failing economy. Blaming one group or another is foolish, everything and everyone caused it. However, some parts and associated dynamics are more easily repaired than other parts-causes, so begin with the police, at least :


Programmers’ productivity requires distraction-free quiet, many studies have shown private offices improve productivity and reduce bug rates. Has to be true of everyone :


The unconstitutionality of traffic cameras :


Corbett notes, as I have, that people are leaving the big sites. His list suggests steemit.com, minds.com, bitchute.com.


The Berlin Terror Attack was at least knowledgeable about before the event and allowed it to happen, but more likely was manipulated by an agent of one of the intelligence agencies. Whether he actually did the attack is not clear, he could be a patsy :


Police training is clearly the problem. Israelis have been training police for some time, no doubt based on their long experience at policing Palestinian territories they occupy. 20 years ago, police stopped trying to deal with people as human, everyone is now someone who might want to kill them. That attitude is the first thing I would look at to be changed :


Never fear, Arab’s time as the prototype of all villains will pass, the Deep State needs Russian villains again. Recall they were the standard all through the Cold War :


Fake news, formerly known as ‘raw propaganda’, is a constant in ‘news’ :


Except for single individuals, all of the ‘terrorist events’ in the US have been done by or controlled by US officials. That might not be true forever. However, it seems to me that focusing on fixing the internal source of terrorism is the first priority, then the southern border route. This talks about all of the smuggling routes and detection of radiation. But detecting radiation assumes there are no attenuators. How much lead does it take?

Quick check says 1.3 feet of lead to protect against gamma radiation. OK, 2 feet, assume the bomb is the middle 2×2 —> 4 x 4 x 4 = 64 cubic feet less the 8 cubic feet of bomb.  700 pounds / cubic foot * 58 cubic feet is 40,600 pounds, round it up to 50K pounds. The weight limit of a 20′ dry container is 25K Kg, so we can add some steel supports, bracing and more lead. (A real engineering analysis would consider what is necessary to reduce each variety of radiation to sufficiently far below background that the constellation is not a signature, either. Probably only gamma gets through the lead, gases are a different problem. This is a rough draft of that serious effort.)

With the inspection in foreign ports, we only need one dirty official willing to sign off on the contents and seal the container.

Of course, if you wanted to make a large and powerful bomb, you would put it in the middle of a ship, where the weight needed for shielding would be no problem. Do ships still have ballast? Are there areas never inspected by customs?

Thus, anti-terrorist efforts must be ‘in depth’, detecting people making strange modifications to ships, shipping containers, etc. ‘The Wire’ season 2 suggests they can’t, or don’t, or condone, as it seems a standard means of getting people into the country :



Again, I conclude what everyone concludes : It isn’t possible to prevent terrorism. It is possible to run your country so nobody wants to do terrorist events within it or against it. The Swiss don’t have a terrorist problem, as an example.

Our ‘anti-terrorism campaign’ is controlling US citizens, not terrorists. Just like the drug war before it.

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