The Wrong Question, As Usual, #1

This is the latest on Cold Fusion. This was my previous take on the issue.

Cold Fusion, now called Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions to escape the campaign of reputation destruction lead by the Hot Fusion physics community, is solid science, with competent researchers pursuing many new avenues.

As usual, the tinkering inventors of the world are driving more science than science drives invention.

As usual, entirely the wrong questions were being asked everywhere, we have spent the last 30 years focused on wars over oil in the ME, and all that was needed was to reassure the High Energy physics crowd that they could continue to play with Tokamaks.

30 years wasted, lives wasted, wealth wasted, intelligence wasted.

Our elites have failed us, each and every one. Our system is FUBARed because of those cumulative failures, each a substitution of political for external reality as the primary measure of all things, the coordination mechanism of our efforts.  That is always the failure of overly-centralized systems, they can’t stay out of groupthink and court politics.

Judith Miller and Johathan Gruber, Cold Fusion and 9/11 are aspects of the same problem, symptoms of the same failures.

If a society is organized so as to produce false judgments on unambiguous physical phenomena, for what can it depend upon itself?

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