Daily Reading #2FA

A thought while reading a ZH comment. When a person’s share of payments on the national debt are larger than the house payments they can’t afford, your country has fucked up big time.

When a person’s total tax burden is higher than those payments, ditto. There are not more fundamental measures of a person’s position within our system than how they actually, in fact, divide their income, how much is left over end of the month for a good time and savings. That time in America has largely gone away, inflation ate it.

Time for the form of government that produced this civilization-wide disaster to get seriously changed. After a few failed reforms, let’s see, how many is it now? My history books say we have been through one reform movement after another, I can name so many in my lifetime. Anyway, at some point soon, like maybe after this one fails also and the Deep Black Swamp is putting the finishing touches on the automated ubiquitous surveillance state, the average person is rational in deciding it is time to burn it all down and start again from the ashes.

This system is not working for long-term stable improvements in our planet’s civilization. This system is again empowering and enriching a few strong men. It is an improvement that they don’t need to kill so many people in their strifes, but the trend to slavery everywhere continues. We have institutionalized powers that are enslaving us! Really!

All of this has been covered up by the continued improvement in the quality of life for the great majority of the planet. The relative health, safety and ease people now live is astonishing in any historical context.

We can argue about the need to control rapacious capitalists, but on the whole, give me the capitalists, not the political equivalents. I can deal with people selling me things, they are only a danger to me via government’s involvement. Modern world, modern communications, modern transportation, most of the bad acts of the old industrialists would not be possible in an age of modern sensibilities and ethics and a militia able to respond to those events.

Think about the recent militia acts and extrapolate, this is an important topic in our future, as we get rid of our system’s over-burden.

Other indications our system is failing, and that Trump is merely the latest, worst President :


Lousy political understanding by this author commenting on black, brown and asian men joining the Proud Boys and other nationalist organizations. ‘Racist’ and ‘far right’ he calls them :


This is more propaganda from the Deep Black Swamp reinforcing Woodward’s recent book. Same themes, same insider’s pov :


The war in Syria goes on, and Trump doesn’t stop it.  It was a major campaign promise to stop the ME wars :


Witch hunts in historical context.  A fun and informative article :


Before the election, I remarked many times about the articles that, in one way or another, gave permission to Progressives not to vote for Clinton. Now, I am seeing articles justifying to Conservatives not supporting their current form of government :


The waste that is America’s MIC, every little element :


Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA, dated Henry Kissinger and senior FBI management. This is a feminist? Oh, yes, Steinem is part of the story because she was involved with people who were working against blacks working for Civil Rights. She is credited with making feminism popular among blacks and thus destroying the black nuclear family. Feminism is a weak link in America’s thinking, but the forces that destroyed other ethnic group’s families took longer and Feminism was stronger among college-educated whites. It isn’t at all clear that the later stages of the loss of families had anything special to do with Feminism, so I think it is a stretch to blame Steinem :


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