Daily Reading #2F1

‘Hunger stones’ are an interesting message from the past. Context for the present :


Wonder how many teams like this the CIA has running in the US, around the world? How do you convince parents to raise their children to sacrifice themselves for he cause? There is no managing such people, but they must be easy to detect, then to foster, to protect from the background, to have people meet them who can help in various ways. Powerful juju, long-term plans for controlling political opinion :


The rare dissident voice within the Stasis Quo’s legacy media, a bit of truth about how nations interfere in other’s election, the example of Bill Clinton helping Boris Yeltsin.

Nobody in Legacy Media will touch the Israeli-US story that has resulted in the rise of the Israeli-Neocons. Quite a clever strategy, dominating the house races by funding primary opponents for anyone that doesn’t vote your way.  Great leverage, nice ROI :


How close we are to a Chinese-style internet that cannot transmit ‘bad opinions’ :

The new mass enlightenment is happening. Legacy media no longer has the power to control political opinion, and the DNC’s impeachment because of Russian Collusion narratives have not improved their prospects :


The Sh*tocracy and Donald Trump

The connections all come out. George Webb gets more and more interesting, deep and long connections between all the players.  The CIA has long-term plans, unlike ordinary mafias.

Part 2 today is the beginning of open trials based on open investigations. People in the alt-media are no more rational than anyone else, seems to me.  I am still very impressed with George, so many of his predictions have been confirmed, players he talked about 2 years ago now showing up in the NYTimes, or at least on Fox.

I have always been convinced that George was solid, and started watching regularly before Day 50 of the original year. As the connections proliferate, they also get easier, more leads and more connections to other people who have pieces of the story :


Large scale ‘drop outs’, 95 people on Yale Green all OD on synthetic cannabinoid in unknown mix of other drugs. They think Americans are losing faith in their institutions, and that that was a symptom :

Why the US military is declining in effectiveness :


Having a monopoly means you don’t have to care about customers :


Liberal prisons liberalize prisoners, of course modern prisons radicalize them.  Think they don’t know that? :


States hate to give up even small amounts of control. Rules prevail over Justice, as all bureaucracies require, common sense not allowed. Amazing story, how can a government approve of this? :


How a political machine works. Amazing story. Why are so many amazing goverment over-reaches happening recently? :

Interesting biology and neural systems :


This is such a modern phenomena. This episode about the 5th I hae watched today, has an interesting historical link and a perfect example of how peer-to-peer links are changing everything :


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