Daily Reading #24E

My wife just told me a story of a friend who works in a large medical center in our very Blue pro-Hillary area of the country. She is an echo-tech. A few days ago, a 47-yo white woman refused to allow her to do the echo procedure because she had a first name that could be Russian. The woman didn’t even know where Armenia was, thought it was too Russian to allow this echo-tech to touch her.  So an Indian did it.  An Indian with a Russian wife, but nobody told the patient that. In that community, the woman would have been horrified if anyone had reacted that way to anyone’s skin color.

This is a very dangerous time in human history, not just US history. This country is in the partial grip of some very stupid, insanely over-confident people. Hubris to the power of Dunning-Kruger. They need a war, or a bunch of them are going to hang. Don’t expect behavior good for the majority from people who are going to hang for 9/11 and the war crimes they have produced as a result :


The discussions about vaccines are more and more focusing on autoimmune diseases. If the CDC did intelligent studies, no vaccine would be used :


Where the hell is Jeff Sessions? How does his DOJ act differently than Lynch’s or Holder’s DOJ?


On reflection, Jake Morphonios has the right of it, John E. Hoover is a disinfo campaign. I don’t see anyone else backing up his analyses of video evidence. Good for Jake.

I was wrong about Hoover. His analyses were detailed, I assumed people were checking and that Jason would know his reputation. So Jason is wrong, and my estimate was wrong. OK, the fooled us.  But not that it hasn’t lasted that long.  Hoover only came up to my level of awareness a month ago, I didn’t waste more than an hour on his stuff.

So independent investigations are hard to derail when someone like Morphonios, beyond question competent and honest, get a head start on the bad guys’ disinfo campaigns :

I like Michael Pollen, a fine writer.  Too long, I didn’t finish it.  Besides, opium is only needed for very serious pain, for lesser discomforts cannabis is the best drug. Easy to raise that, it is a weed :


Winds averaging 60+ hours per hour continuously for a month. Anarctica survival story :


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