Daily Reading #1E8

Power and wealth, not principle, thus the Saudi princes, Harvey Weinsteins and Bill Clintons of the world can and do rape. Power and wealth, not principle, thus Israeli-Neocons can and do mass murder, eternal war. We citizens need to re-establish the rule of law, to take back our government :


The world of technology and materials science continues to astound. This is a brilliant insight :


Data is available, it is the lowest-cost way of producing revenue, so every institution uses it. To fix the problem, make data about individuals owned by the individual, not the collector of the information :

Oxford and Cambridge are said to be illegally spying on students for money

No kidding, reading their words removes the personality, allows understanding meaning without distraction. I can’t watch any politician, they all lie so persuasively :


Contrary to Rachel Maddow :


All farm programs screw things up badly, India’s is not unique :


This could be interpreted as the National Security State, the Deep State, orchestrating its propaganda as usual rather than “the media swallowing the adminstrations’s story” :


Charles Hugh Smith always has an interesting take on the situation. Yes, the total system has failed to produce general wealth, a  standard failure of elites through history :


I linked to this earlier, just re-read it. Jihadis are not what you might think and don’t even need to be Muslim, so opposing the phenomena is not simple :


Nobody ‘on the right’ has any political power, and won’t without much more upset and violence in American life. The threat is exaggerated for political effect, of course.  The NYT is propaganda, not news :


New species can arise from a single mated pair from different species producing hybrid offspring. Put another way, ‘specie, the concept’ continues to mutate :


The story of how ankle bracelets for sort-of-prisoners came to be is interesting, but ‘use cell phones’ is now practical. After all, most everyone has one now, and at least one organization tracks every smart phone’s location, so the infrastructure is in place. The differences between people under administrative control and the rest of us lessens every year :


Bitcoin and its problems :


The Bundy Ranch situation is produced by BLM’s vast over-reach. BLM should not exist,  lands outside of DC and military forts are not constitutionally authorized to be owned by the Federal Government, and Bundy’s statements of their rights is dead on. BLM needs to be abolished :



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