Measures Of Propaganda’s Effectiveness

I find the many things not discussed most interesting, most suggestive of what is happening.  For example :

How long has the CIA been running drugs into the US for fun and profit?  How many books have been written?

So, the CIA has been substantially corrupt in the ranks for a long time, they recruit hitmen and deal with Mafia from around the world.  Diplomatic pouches, who could resist making some extra cash?  Remember the Church committee and the reforms that supposedly fixed the problems of a corrupt CIA?  Some of their guys got in on the Continuity Of Government plans, 9-11 was used to authorize the state of emergency giving them extra-Constitutional powers.  We don’t know what those powers are, entirely, yet.

As an engineer, a careful evaluator of evidence, 9-11 was, without any doubt possible, an operation that elements of our government knew about and at least coordinated.   The people presenting the evidence are solid citizens with skin in the game, experts in their areas of science and engineering and flying and military, and … They have no doubt, and nobody who evaluates them and their evidence can have any doubt.

Every time I go back to Youtube to check the latest work, more research has revealed new aspects of the story.  Without doubt, the buildings were blown down, the Commission was a coverup, and there are many knowledgeable, calm and rational people who have investigated all parts of the proposed government explanations and found them anti-scientific, claims of things that could not have happened, simple nonsense stories that explain nothing.  The most significant thing in your life is that the government’s story is widely dis-believed, but the history books won’t be able to say that for another few decades.

How to explain the 14-year losing war?  We haven’t won anything in that war on terror, it grinds on and there is little serious public discussion in opposition, just news of a war grinding on.  No mainstream Presidential candidate in a year unusually rich in such opposes the wars in any way.  When the two party’s leading candidates are Trump and Sanders, both sort-of against the war, the country’s options have been artificially limited, I don’t see how or why, beyond the Israeli billionaires funding their campaigns.  Never see that discussed, either.

Not that it matters, Barack Obama was “Opposed from the beginning”, he actually said intelligent things on the subject, but his policies continued to be Shrub+, a point neither side wishes to discuss.  Glen Greenwald and The Intercept made their reputations on that fact, another point not discussed.

And the refugees and migrants?  The news reminds us once in a while that the wars and moving peoples are connected, less often that our trade treaties and moving peoples are connected, rarely about the drug wars and moving peoples.  But nearly no one discusses changing anything that would stop any of it, just treat them as an inevitable part of living in this world they believe they can run.  Did you ever hear anyone proposing repeal of NAFTA?  Elimination of DEA? Or the sugar quotas?  Set in stone, all of those preferences of crony capitalism, for all time.

The government’s secret Continuity of Government operation has its own communication system.  One of the organizations supplying things like that to our government and the major Telcos is an Israeli organization that is very likely part of Israeli’s spy apparatus.  Recall that the major point established by our heroic Edward Snowden is that NSA’ can’t keep America’s secrets secret.  We don’t yet KNOW that the Israelis are joint owner of our neocon-dominated Deep State, as the Mossad hasn’t yet experienced a person of conscience.

All of these policies are well-supported, according to polls.  A complete absence of rational analysis is the basis of public policy, supported by pervasive propaganda from all of MSM.

One of the rules of the intelligence game is to judge capabilities, not intent.  We see their capabilities, their budgets and arms and powers, increased every year, and NEVER rolled back in the slightest degree.

You never see such ideas expressed in any major debate, by any major figure.  The only person who ever did that was Jesse Ventura, who has become a non-person as a result.  (I now see him discussed as a VP for Trump!)

The ultimate measure of propaganda’s effectiveness is the questions you never get around to thinking.

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